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Year: 2016


Solar Panel Manufacturers

The Reason Many People Buy Solar Panel Manufacturers

In today’s eco-friendly world many people are discovering the advantages of using Solar Panel Manufacturers for heating. It is an opportunity to obtain heat and energy for your home at a very low cost when you decide to Buy Solar Panels. In addition, you are not using precious resources or contaminating the atmosphere. The advantage of these panels has also been recognized by many businesses that are enjoying a considerable reduction in their energy costs. In fact, these panels are on the roof of the White House in Washington, D. C.

Install Panels On The Roof

These panels are installed on the roof of your home in appropriate places to catch the sun’s rays. They are now manufactured in all sizes so it is easy to Buy Solar Panel Manufacturers that will be exactly right for your particular situation. It is always a good idea to have a licensed contractor who is familiar with this type of installation to do the job.
In addition to providing heat to the house, you can now have the panels that can heat your hot water. By installation of the panels and some plumbing to a storage tank and the hot water heater, there is hot water for everything. When you think of the amount of hot water used in the home for bathing, washing clothes and other things this is a tremendous savings.
One of the most common solar panels used for water heating is called a flat plate panel. It is an insulated box with a dark solar absorber plate with a cover that is transparent. It can be mounted on the roof, put in the roof itself or be free standing.
The dark plate receives the rays of the sun and passes their heat through the absorber plate to water running underneath. The water then goes into the hot water tank. This type of solar plate has very low maintenance and an expected life of 35 years.
The other type for heating water is the vacuated heat pipe system. With this system, the panel is sealed inside an evacuated glass tube. In comparing the flat plate panel and the evacuated heat pipe systems, it is reported that the latter type has no heat loss even in cold or windy weather. The flat plate panel, on the other hand, does lose heat with bad weather.
Panels which use photovoltaic (PV) cells have the power to convert the sun’s rays directly into electricity. With the equipment available, this electricity can be used immediately or stored for future use. This is being used by many manufacturing plants and is now being introduced to homes.
Thanks to many government comprehensive incentive programs you can now often have Solar Panel Manufacturers installed with a good deal of the cost paid for. It is also allowable for solar panel owners to sell any excess electricity back to the public feet-in system. As you can see, this greatly reduces the electric bills you have to pay each month when hooked up to a regular system.
While many of these panels are rather large and obvious on the home’s roof a new type has been developed that has attracted the attention of many people who wish to Buy solar energy world Panels. They are small panels in the shape of the shingles that are already on the roof. They are textured to look the same and are fitted in among the regular shingles. It is virtually impossible to see them when they in place. This type of solar panel is being used in many of the new housing projects being built.…

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Solar Company Near Me

Solar Company Near Me – The Remaining Hope Against Skyrocketing Electric Bills

In the past residential Solar Company Near Me energy was only seen in sci-fi movies. But now, it is here and being used in different parts of the world. Solar energy is different from energy produced from fossil fuels. You don’t need to spend even a single centavo from your pocket. Besides, solar energy is recognized as clean energy source mainly because it uses renewable energy from the sun. The photovoltaic charges are stored on the generators and being converted into electromagnetic charges or electricity in other words. Yes solar energy is free. But the controversy regarding the installation is on going up to now. Is it really worth the money? How much does it costs to have one? We’ll answer all these questions in this article I’ve truly made.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

But before that, let me ask you to figure out the benefits Solar Company Near Me energy could bring into your daily life. Isn’t that great to stay on your home sweet home without worrying about electric bill? Absolutely it is! In US, there were towns using solar energy like Florida. They enjoyed the free energy from the sun. Some of them are earning money from their own investment. Yes, it’s true. I tried it myself and was impressed with the results. I started with $200. But that was too small for my house. So I decided to invest for a bigger one. That was $500 including the materials and the installation guide. Look at me now. I’m only paying single digit for my electric bill. In short, I’ve save almost 80%. That’s a big difference you know.
Some people say solar energy is just for rich people. Well, not anymore. It’s because even individuals with regular income could implement this type of technology. Anyone can! You only need to invest once then gain the benefits for long. The panels can be easily cleaned and maintained. The installation can be easily done as well. Even if you’re not born with a techie mind, you can still build your own Solar Company Near Me panels in your roof or in your backyard.
There are readily made panels but the cost is definitely expensive. Why need to waste your money if you could build your own panels? On the first place, installation guides are widely available on the internet. You can easily download one and follow all the instructions. Some guides feature video and audio tutorials that will explain to you the exact layout of the system.
Residential 24v solar panel energy when used widely can help us prevent 570,000 tons of green house gasses from entering the atmosphere. If that is the case, we can prevent disasters from taking place. As you can see, the earth is getting hotter and hotter and that is the effect of global warming. Solar energy is our remaining hope these days. With this type of technology, we can save money and at the same time we can save the environment from getting damaged.…

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Solar Panel Mount

Ten Things To Consider When Shopping For Home Solar Panel Mount

Solar Panel Mount are a very good investment. However, there are things to consider before you decide to buy them. Here are ten tips to think about, when shopping.

Tips When Shopping Home Solar Panel

1. You might wish to consider professional installation. Many people do not have the knowledge or equipment to install these things, properly. When you hire a professional, you will get a warranty with the work. It will cost more than a do it yourself installation. However, you will know that it is done right.
2. If you do the work yourself, get the proper education. Take the time to study different aspects of this type of energy. You can do a lot of study online. You may be able to download ebooks and videos. Your public library or book store may have good information, also. The more you know, the better chance you have for success.
3. The first thing that you need to know is your home power consumption. You can get this information from your electricity bills. This is only one item that you need to calculate you power needs.
4. Where you live is important. The amount of annual sunshine is also important. The more you receive, the more power you can manufacture.
5. You can find online help. There are websites that can help you calculate your energy needs. Go to a search engine and input “Solar Panel Mount energy calculation”. All you have to do is enter your zip code and electricity usage at these sites. It will tell you the necessary information. This will give you an idea of what type and how many panels to buy.
6. Once you know your needs, you can do some comparison shopping. Take your time and look at several places. If there are any local retailers, check them out. You may find some very good ideas for installation.
7. Did you know that there are three different types of Solar Panel Mount cells to consider? They have three different levels of efficiency and prices. It is important to know the differences.
8. Amphorous is the least efficient and expensive. It is recommended for roofs that get quite a bit of shade. As they are least efficient, you need larger 24v solar panel. This means they take up a great deal more space.
9. Polycrystaline is much more efficient than amphorous. They take up little space. However, you will pay more for them.
10. Monocrystaline panels are the most expensive and efficient. You will get durability and performance from them. They also take up less space than the amphorous.…