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Garden Lights – Alternative Energy Options

Garden Lights – Alternative Energy Options

Basic Alternative Options

Your garden lighting doesn’t always have to run on electricity. You might want to try using candles, flares, torches, or lanterns, although many of these options tend to work best around seating areas. For the rest of your garden, you may want to try solar lighting, which is covered below.

You can set up these types of portable lighting anywhere, but wind can be a problem, especially when it starts to blow smoke in people’s faces. Many candles and flares release pleasant scents, which can add greatly to the ambiance of the mood you’re trying to create for your guests or even for yourself. You can also get scents or oils with chemical repellents that will deter insects (especially mosquitoes) that are attracted by the light. Here are some options for non-electrical lighting:

o Lanterns, lit either by candle or oil, can be hung around the garden to give a gentle, golden light.

o Flares or torches resemble large candles. They are often on sticks (short or tall) that can be stuck into the ground. They’ll burn for 6 to 8 hours and cast a warm, romantic glow all around.

o Candles, while they don’t provide a great deal of light, create a magnificent atmosphere with their gentle flickering. Protect the flame so that it doesn’t blow out and so that no one gets burnt or gets smoke in their face.

Solar Lighting

Solar garden lights are constantly improving. They may be a great option for you to use in your garden. There are more and more options for battery and solar-powered lighting equipment for garden use, which is especially useful if you have a garden where it’s difficult to provide a cable power supply.

You can buy single, stand-alone solar-powered units mounted on a spike that you can simply push into the ground wherever you want. They’ve got a small integrated solar panel that collects and stores energy during the day. They can be turned on manually at night, or many even have a light sensor that will turn them on automatically when it gets dark and off when it gets light again. You could even set up a cluster of lights that are all linked to a single large solar panel, but remember that this option would also require cables and wiring.

Solar-powered lights have a lot of great “green-energy” qualities, but they also have drawbacks. Solar lights work best in bright, sunny locations where plenty of sun light is available for energy storage. Yes, solar panels are definitely becoming more and more efficient as years go by, but their storage life is still limited. The sensors and circuitry within the panels are also delicate and easily damaged, so you’ll need to handle them with care. In the proper location, solar lights are ideal for lighting remote paths. And they’re great if you have children, because there is no risk of electrocution.


Solar Post Lights – An Economical Way To Light Up Your Driveways

Solar Post Lights – An Economical Way To Light Up Your Driveways

Sometimes, we do not try to delve deep into certain things, thinking that it may be a wild goose chase. But, most of the times, we do not pay attention to a few other things which we take for granted. Sunlight is one such thing. We just ignore sun rise and sun set, though our days start and end with them. Therefore, it is but natural that till recently, we did not realize that this big ball of fire is a perennial source of energy. Only in the later part of the 20th century, a few creative minds thought of tapping this source for our energy needs. Even now, we have not reached a stage where we are using the full potential of this energy source, though a small headway has been made to use it in certain areas of our life as in the case of solar post lights.

Perhaps, the steep rise in oil prices has led to the advent of using solar energy. Further, oil is a non-renewable energy source. Therefore, people started realizing the unwise dependency on oil. So, solar energy has been thought as a good alternative and we have started using it, though in a small way. One of the important areas in which it is being used is in these post lights.

Even in our houses, we want to have lights in our backyards or in our driveways. But, the process of having lights in these areas is quite cumbersome. You should pull connections from your house to these areas either by running underground cables or by having posts. Further, this is an expensive process also. But, if you install solar post lights, you need not spend money on changing batteries and you will not incur additional electrical charges also.

You should just have small solar panels that are attached to an energy collector. During the entire day, when the sun shines, these solar panels with the help of the energy collectors, will collect the energy from the sun. Usually, the energy collector is a NiCad rechargeable battery. You can have a LED light that does not require much power. You will have sufficient light from these LED lights.

Installation of solar post lights does not require wires. Every post light will glow on its own. Even if there is a problem on one post, lights on the other posts will still be glowing.

Another great benefit from solar post lights is that they are eco-friendly also. They are economical also because you can install them at a fraction of the cost you incur for traditional lights.…


Alternative Power Sources – Solar and Wind Energy Sources For Your Household Use

Alternative Power Sources – Solar and Wind Energy Sources For Your Household Use

If you want to totally eliminate your monthly electric bill and you want to put a stop to your worrying of the increasing electricity bill, you can indeed find alternative sources of energy especially that there are existing free and clean sources of energy. Among the popular alternative power sources that can help you in your quest to end that increasing electricity bill are the solar power and wind power.

Indeed, the power of the sun and the wind can be your alternative power sources. Aside from being free and readily available, you can also benefit from them for a long time, as long as your mechanism in harnessing these alternative power sources is up and running.

Solar and wind power are also clean forms of energy that does not give off polluted energy. In fact, they are also environmentally friendly options and not easily depleted sources of power. Read on for some ideas how you can harness the power of the sun for your electricity needs at home.

Solar Power

Harnessing the power of the sun to supply the need for electricity in your home is has been a popular idea that is also adopted by a growing population worldwide as well. Although you may think that installing a solar power system for home use might cost you a bit, it is important to note that that you can actually make your own solar panel to make use of the sun’s power to run some of your appliances or your water heater/cooler system.

Indeed, do-it-yourself solar power systems are also becoming more popular these days, as many people are trying to see the major benefit of having your own power at home without even spending for electric bills every month. You may need to shed an amount for your materials.

Wind Energy

Another one of the good alternative power sources that you have to keep in mind is the wind. With blades and turbines, the wind’s power is gathered to produce electricity that can help power a part or the entire electricity needs of your household. Especially if you are living in windy areas, putting up windmills can be a great idea to make your home self-sufficient when it comes to electricity.

Although one of the downsides to harnessing the power of the wind to produce the energy you want is the need for a much bigger space or an open space to make your wind speed consistent. It is important to keep in mind that power you can generate on a windmill may also depend on the speed of the wind and how open is your area. Consistent speed is important in using wind power to generate electricity. If you want a continuous supply of power from your windmills, it is important to also consider at least a consistent wind speed in your area before putting up one.

Indeed, there are other alternative and clean sources of electricity in nature and giving attention to these alternatives can help you a lot in saving money as well as helping your environment as well.…


Homemade Solar Panels – 6 Important Steps

Homemade Solar Panels – 6 Important Steps

The volatile nature of world politics and the swiftly demising world oil reserves means that sooner or later we are all going to have to consider alternative energy sources. The increasing cost of fossil fuels means that the cost per unit to you of the electricity provided to you by your electricity provider is rapidly increasing year on year, so now is a time to look at the alternatives. For example, it has become more and more economical to build homemade solar energy system. Building the homemade solar panels that utilize deep cell storage batteries produce the electricity upon consumer demand and reduce their individual dependence on the country’s energy grid.

There are many online guides and video tutorials available online and by using them to make your own system it is possible to economically build your own system that can produce 80% or more of your energy requirements. You can start for between $150 and $200 by following the most popular and best informed guide by Earth4Energy which is instantly available when you download it, so you can make an immediate start.

These sites are available for a one time investment which includes constant updates to manuals and videos with no extra costs involved.

A good guide will give you the following instructions and features

1) Easily understood full and detailed manuals and video series that show you step by step instructions that can be read and viewed, so no previous experience and only basic practical skills are needed to build your first solar panel.

2) A component list and details of how and where to purchase the materials needed to make your own solar panels, many of these will be available locally.

3) The guides should also give you access to information and electric wiring plans for the whole system you need to know some technical stuff here, that why it is important that have a good kit before you start.

4) The kit should enable you to calculate your power requirements and thus how many panels you will need and the size of the battery bank you will need to get completely off the grid and produce 100% of your energy needs.

5) Having shown you how to make and test the homemade solar panels, a good guide will also show you how and where to mount the panels for maximum safety and efficiency.

6) Solar Tax Credits and Rebates are available to you make sure the guide you choose gives you instant access to all the forms. The rebates will go some way to pay for system so make sure they give you the proper advice.

Take some time and study the guides available online to make sure that they have everything on the list for you to start and make homemade solar panels…


Solar Electric Energy

Solar Electric Energy

The suns rays can be exploited to help us trim our current energy needs. Some existing systems can assist you in providing hot water for your home using the suns rays.

Systems like these merely involve a few little solar panels on the roof to give all the hot water necessary for free.

Other systems provides lighting for your homes interior using general natural sunlight which lowers your monthly bill and cuts out the need for artificial luminance.

Additional ways of heating your abode is to have your home facing in a southerly route and the installation of large plate glass windows allowing the sun to heat your homes interior.

This warmth is them released in the evenings and will sustain your dwelling at a temperate temperature all year using little more than simple sunlight.

Electrical solar energy has gained wide spread significance in modern years as an alternative source of free power from the sun.

This engineering takes the luminance the sun provides and converts it into helpful electricity for your abode.

The acceptance of these systems in recent years has gained a lot of confidence by the ordinary public.

Today the medium householder can generate as much electric solar energy as they want with these systems and in the procedure in no way pay another hydro bill again.

The solar panel is the primary part with any electrical solar energy inspiration.

The solar panel has a collection of solar cells inside of them that is answerable for the conversion of sunlight to electricity.

These solar cells apply the principal of photovoltaics to do the changeover and have become vastly effective with this procedure over the years.

When particular materials come into contact with sunlight, this potovoltaic effect then produces a small current.

A vastly small power production is generated by a single cell but if you position a number of them together inside a solar panel then you will get quite a piece of electricity.

The solar panel has an aggregation of solar cells requiring homes to use a amount of solar panels to give them the electrical solar energy they require.

The panels then create a DC electrical current which is a portion of the alteration procedure.

Our homes only use AC current and DC current is generated by the solar panels and have to be altered to AC through the employment of an inverter.

The current is channeled from the solar panels through the inverter and is then guided to the homes electrical method.

If you have installed a battery bank, then the inverter will divert power to them during the day to reload them for use in the evening when the sun sets.

The battery banks that had been recharged from the solar electric energy system will supply electricity in the evenings.

All of this is included in all solar electric energy systems which is laced together and provides all your homes needs.

You can put in most of these components yourself to yield all this free electricity.

Make sure you have an electrician to connect the final wiring simply to make sure you satisfy all electric safety codes.

This practically maintenance costless system when eventually installed will provide free energy for years.


Solar Powered Panels – Who Is Making the Switch?

Solar Powered Panels – Who Is Making the Switch?

The recent topic of discussion among people looking to be more environmentally friendly is that of renewable energy. Sources like wind, water and sunlight are all being used in areas around the world to limit our dependence on fossil fuels, which damage the atmosphere and environment as a whole. Wind and water sources are great on a large scale but not very practical for most residential applications. Sunlight on the other hand is perfect for home use, and solar powered panels are being implemented by more and more people who want to both help the environment and cut down their energy costs.

People are deciding to make the switch to solar energy for numerous reasons. For some people, it is the only option for them to have power because they live outside the utility grid. Solar powered panels are perfect for delivering clean, renewable energy to homes such as these. Anyone with a residence or vacation home in a remote area might otherwise have to use dirty, loud generators or simply do without power.

The group of people who count on solar energy because it is the only option is a small percentage of the people who utilize solar powered panels on their homes. Most simply get with the program because they want to lessen their utility bill every month. This is a valid reason, but the personal benefits go beyond lowering your monthly gas and electric bills. When you purchase solar panels and utilize their output for most if not all of your home’s daily energy needs, the state and federal governments give back to you for your energy consciousness. Tax credits are a great incentive to go green. Also, if you are conservative enough in your electrical use and have enough solar panels, you will be able to generate more power than you need. This gives you the opportunity to sell back to the grid and make a profit from your investment!

There is not one single generic way to use solar powered panels on your home. Some can be hooked up to batteries and allow you to store excess energy for nighttime, cloudy days and power outages. Some are off-grid while others are grid-tied, the latter being the best choice if you have never used solar panels before. Since there is such a variety, shopping around and doing plenty of research is a good idea before you settle for one model or seller over another.…


DIY – Build Your Own Solar Panel

DIY – Build Your Own Solar Panel

Solar energy is one of the recommended sources of energy, especially at this time when there is massive campaign for people to divert to green sources of energy. Apart from the fact that solar energy is probably the most readily available resources we’ll ever have, it is also environmentally friendly and does not have any impacts that might interfere with the surrounding compared to other energy sources like electricity. Besides, with the rising costs of energy, it is important that if you learn to make your own energy source. The amount of money you’ll save over time by switching over to solar panels will simply blow you away!

There are a variety of ways in which you too can be able to experience the comfort and luxury that comes with using solar energy, as well as the fun. Besides, making your own solar panel is quite easy and doesn’t require much. You’ll be able to keep a tight budget by building your own solar panels as compared to purchasing them preassembled. Plus, the value in building your own is through the roof! With little relative cost to build them, the fact that they will last such a long time makes their value enormous. You are even able to manufacture the materials by yourself! However, the kind of solar panels that can be made by these materials are ones that provide what’s called passive solar energy, that can only be used in such easy tasks like heating water.

When you need to make your own solar panels for generating electricity that is sufficient to power your home, you will need to obtain photovoltaic components, which not so many people are able to make on their own. These solar cells attract heat and convert it into the solar energy that you will use in providing electricity to your home. They are developed under precise conditions and by the use of specialized materials that you may not have at hand. The materials used in building solar panels, like ultra-concentrated crystalline silicon, among other conductors can be obtained from suppliers. This will mean that you will have to buy the full photovoltaic panels from the stores that offer the ideal ones. With the ongoing campaigns on people to use solar energy for their electricity needs, you are able to find the Photovoltaic panels at affordable prices.

From the stores or online shops that sell the photovoltaic panels, you are also able to get guides that will be able to help you on easily building your own solar panel at home without going to any factory. There are various guides that are available in a wide range of stores today that can be very helpful in providing you with comprehensive step-by-step guidelines on how to be able to build your own solar panel within the shortest period of time. Most popular and most effective lately have been online courses through videos about building solar panels and related material. These videos top any handwritten guide out there! They are very specific and make sure to walk you through the process slowly so that you completely understand it.…


Cheap Solar Panels – Start Saving Energy and Money Today

Cheap Solar Panels – Start Saving Energy and Money Today

What can we do to save energy and money? We can look at alternative energy sources, especially those such as the sun, that minimize long-term bills. Maybe we can’t change the whole world, but we can change our little piece of it. We can consider solar energy to power our homes.

Think of the sun as the ultimate energy source. It is a nuclear reactor, but at a nice, safe 93 million miles away. Plants and animals that eventually became fossil fuels were once nourished by the sun.

You can use solar panels to power your home. Unfortunately, the price of pre-built PV cells is really high and can go up to $15,000. With this price, it’s no wonder that just a small amount of people use solar energy to power their homes. However, there is a solution to the problem. You can build your own cheap solar panels with material that can be found at your local hardware store. And the best is that it costs around $200 to build it and install it!

Solar energy works.

Open the door of a car that has been sitting in the hot sun, and you will feel solar thermal energy. Or take a drink from a hose that has been lying in the sun. You can take advantage of solar radiation and transform it into electricity using cheap solar panels.

How can sunshine become electricity?

In a nutshell, modules or groups of silicon solar (called photovoltaic or PV) cells collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. The solar panels can be mounted on or near your home. The solar panels also last a long time. A lifespan in excess of 20 years of constant use is expected.

What do you need to turn solar power into electricity? Clear, unshaded access to the sun at least a few hours each day, adequate roof or ground space for the solar collectors, and some solar power generation equipment. There’s more, of course, but those are the basic requirements. It’ easier than you might think.…