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Solar Company Phoenix

Solar Company Phoenix – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

It seems that lots of people are searching for information about Solar Company Phoenix Panels for Electricity. Although Solar Panels are a big piece of the puzzle, there are lots of other pieces that must be considered to complete the puzzle that is Solar PV, or formally known as Solar Photovoltaic.
Photovoltaic Solar Panels convert the suns rays to DC (Direct Current) electricity. For those that don’t know, there are two types of electricity Direct Current and Alternating Current. Without getting into technical details, lets just say that DC electricity is the type of electricity stored in batteries and used to power the electrical components of your car. AC electricity is the type of electricity used to power your home lights and appliances.

Solar Panels for Electricity

Once the Solar Company Phoenix Panels for electricity have converted the suns energy into DC current, it must either be stored in batteries or converted to AC power to use in your home.
Although battery based systems are available they are extremely expensive and not cost effective unless there is a real need. Legitimate need for battery based systems include locations with no grid tied power available as well as locations where the grid tied power is extremely unreliable. Unless you have one of the afore mentioned issues, I would strongly recommend you avoid batteries in your system.
So, if you are not going to couple batteries with your Solar Company Phoenix Panels, then how are you going to store your electricity? Well, first we need to convert the power to AC power. This is done with an inverter. The inverter is an electronic unit which converts the DC current to Ac current. It can be converted at the Solar Panels with a “Micro-Inverter” or at the electrical panel with a “Central-Inverter”. Regardless of the type of inverter, the current is converted to AC current at a cost of somewhere between 15% and 23% power loss. Once converted, the power is distributed into your home through the breaker panel.
As for power storage, you can think of the utility grid as your personal battery. When you are generating more power than you are using, the power goes to the grid and decreases your electric bill. When you are not generating enough power, you can take power back from the grid. It is important that you obtain your power from a Renewable Energy Friendly company. Not all electric companies will pay you fairly for the power you generate so it is imperative that you do your homework before signing an electricity contract if you are serious about installing a Solar PV System.
It is a common misconception that if you want to generate electricity, all you really need are Solar Panels for electricity. In reality there is a lot more required. Besides 100 watt solar panel, you will need racking, wiring, inverters, maybe batteries and charge controllers. Before spending any money for equipment I would strongly recommend that you obtain as much information as possible from someone with knowledge and experience.…

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The Solar Company

Two Things to Consider When Looking for and Buying The Solar Company Energy Kits

Then you might be wondering on how much the cost of a professional installation is. Well, if you really want to know then it is over 20,000USD. The hard part is that there is a possibility that it can take you 30 years before you can successfully pay back.
But did you know that there is an easy way on how you can make your own The Solar Company energy kits? Even if you don’t know anything about electrical 100 watt solar panel works, you can learn it by simply following the steps that guides provide. You can find several of them upon browsing then net. These guides provide tips when it comes to the things you need to put into consideration when looking for the The Solar Company energy kits right for you. Two of them are doing research and being careful in getting product information.

Information About Solar Panel Energy Kits

It is very important for you to be critical on the guides or e-books which you get information from because there are some who are poorly written. If you happened to get one, you will really experience loss in money without acquiring the right kind of information. So, careful research and investigation is needed. One of the most helpful references that will help you to know the truth about a certain guide is the review. This presents the comments, feedbacks and recommendations of the first users who gave it a try.
By taking note of these two tips just before you look for and buy The Solar Company energy kits, you will not fall into the trap of wasting your money for a worthless and poorly written guide.…

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Solar Company Near Me

Solar Company Near Me – The Remaining Hope Against Skyrocketing Electric Bills

In the past residential Solar Company Near Me energy was only seen in sci-fi movies. But now, it is here and being used in different parts of the world. Solar energy is different from energy produced from fossil fuels. You don’t need to spend even a single centavo from your pocket. Besides, solar energy is recognized as clean energy source mainly because it uses renewable energy from the sun. The photovoltaic charges are stored on the generators and being converted into electromagnetic charges or electricity in other words. Yes solar energy is free. But the controversy regarding the installation is on going up to now. Is it really worth the money? How much does it costs to have one? We’ll answer all these questions in this article I’ve truly made.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

But before that, let me ask you to figure out the benefits Solar Company Near Me energy could bring into your daily life. Isn’t that great to stay on your home sweet home without worrying about electric bill? Absolutely it is! In US, there were towns using solar energy like Florida. They enjoyed the free energy from the sun. Some of them are earning money from their own investment. Yes, it’s true. I tried it myself and was impressed with the results. I started with $200. But that was too small for my house. So I decided to invest for a bigger one. That was $500 including the materials and the installation guide. Look at me now. I’m only paying single digit for my electric bill. In short, I’ve save almost 80%. That’s a big difference you know.
Some people say solar energy is just for rich people. Well, not anymore. It’s because even individuals with regular income could implement this type of technology. Anyone can! You only need to invest once then gain the benefits for long. The panels can be easily cleaned and maintained. The installation can be easily done as well. Even if you’re not born with a techie mind, you can still build your own Solar Company Near Me panels in your roof or in your backyard.
There are readily made panels but the cost is definitely expensive. Why need to waste your money if you could build your own panels? On the first place, installation guides are widely available on the internet. You can easily download one and follow all the instructions. Some guides feature video and audio tutorials that will explain to you the exact layout of the system.
Residential 24v solar panel energy when used widely can help us prevent 570,000 tons of green house gasses from entering the atmosphere. If that is the case, we can prevent disasters from taking place. As you can see, the earth is getting hotter and hotter and that is the effect of global warming. Solar energy is our remaining hope these days. With this type of technology, we can save money and at the same time we can save the environment from getting damaged.…

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Solar Company in CT

Solar Company in CT – The Surprising

Source For Cheap Solar Power
So you’re looking for for solar panels for sale?
That makes a lot of sense. As energy prices continue to be unpredictable, more and more builders and home owners are looking to Solar Company in CT energy as a way to reduce prices. Some even begin to sell electricity back to the power company.
Still, even though they’re more cost efficient in the long run than drawing energy from the power company, solar panels for sale aren’t your best bet. There’s a nearly untapped source that’s far more economical.

What is it?

It’s do-it-yourself (DIY) solar panels.
Hear me out. And tell me, when I’m done, if you don’t think I’m right.
First, you can’t beat the price.
A typical solar panel installed on your roof will run you $7-9 per watt (or about $800 per 100-watt panel). You can buy Solar Company in CT panels for sale at around $4-6 watt. But after professional installation, you’ll be back near the commercial price, say around $700 per 100-watt panel.
How much will it cost for you to do it yourself?
Less than $200. Savings like that isn’t just small change.
That’s $500 still in your pocket at the end of the day – and that’s about how long it will take you to build the average 100-watt panel – one day.
Ok, but do you have to be handy?
Yes, a little. But if you can drive screws and fix your sink, you can probably do it yourself.
Here’s what you need to know.
1. Get detailed plans
Not the free ones that usually get too technical too fast. Right away you’re staring at wiring diagrams. And GET VIDEOS if you can. It will make all the difference in following the instructions the first time.
2. Get most supplies locally
They’re not exotic like they used to be. You’ll have just about everything you need in your garage or available at the local hardware store:


a roll of copper wire, and

sheets of glass

Yes, you do need to get some photovoltaic cells. But building Solar Company in CT panels is common enough now that they are readily available online or even at some local retailers.
3. Get a free weekend
Spend a day in the garage with your son or daughter (plan a weekend if it’s your first panel) and you’ll have a 100-watt panel.
What will that power?
Typically a small appliance, though I was just talking to the local fish hatchery and they run all their lights and pumps off one ring solar panel the size of a big picnic table top.…

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Solar Company in Florida

Solar Company in Florida – The Clean and Cheap Energy of the Future

Are you looking for a way to reduce your monthly electricity bills? Are you concerned that the sky rocketing cost of petrol will increase your energy costs? If you, like most people, depend on thermal power plants for electricity in your home, you have every reason to be worried. The fossil fuels that thermal power plants run on are fast depleting and getting more expensive as a result. You ought to secure yourself against rising electricity bills by converting to Solar Company in Florida power for homes.

Solar Power for Homes

The way to get Solar Company in Florida power for homes is by installing solar panels on a surface that gets unobstructed sun rays. Your roof is ideal for this because the solar panels could get damaged if things fell on them.
This method of generating power works best in places that get sunlight most days of the year. It does have some installation costs since the photo voltaic panels that comprise its main part could be expensive. However, these panels could last at least twenty years without needing replacement. They do not need any maintenance other than that they need to be periodically wiped clean. If you permit dust to settle on the panels, they will not get the sun’s rays and will no longer work effectively.
Since sunlight is not available at night, you will also need to get batteries that can be powered by the photovoltaic panels. This will help you get electricity at night as well.
There are many companies that offer to install Solar Company in Florida powered units for homes. You will have to shop around to find the best option for you. You could also find one at a price that suits you. Solar technology has improved considerable since its early days. The latest solar panels are smaller than their predecessors and cost less.
Even government has realized the long term value of having more people switch to this clean and silent source of energy. If you set up ring solar panel at your home you will be eligible to a tax rebate. The more panels you have, the higher the rebate.
Solar power units are easily installed and very easy to use as well. You may incur a high initial cost, but you will get a lifetime of savings. It makes good sense for you to switch to solar power for homes. You will benefit from it and so will your future generations.…

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Local Solar Company

What to Look For in a local solar company

With so many local solar company panels on the market today, it’s difficult to determine the good ones from the bad ones. There are two main types of solar panels that are being manufactured and sold in the market; monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The better the panel, the more efficiently it can turn the sun’s energy into electricity. But this also means that these panels are more expensive to purchase.

What makes a panel more efficient?

It’s in the silicon content. The more continuous the sheet of silicon is, the more productive the panel becomes. Monocrystalline, for example, is made of one continuous sheet of silicon. Because these panels don’t have crystals that are broken up, it makes the panel bigger in size. If space is a concern a roof, monocrystalline panels solve that problem. This basically means: more wattage is produced per square foot.
Polycrystalline are easier to produce and cost less to manufacture. They are made up of multiple crystals instead of just one, like the monocrystalline. They’re more affordable, but not as efficient as monocrystalline panels.

Does the tolerance of a panel make a difference?

YES. When a PV panel is manufactured, it’s given a “nameplate” with the amount of wattage that it can produce. For example, a local solar company panel’s nameplate that shows 250 watts can produce that amount of wattage in optimum conditions (placement and weather).

What about grading?

A “Grade B” local solar company panel has a tolerance of plus or minus 3%. This means that regardless of the nameplate, this ring solar panel could produce either 3% +/- the wattage that’s listed. So, if you have your entire PV system made up of Grade B panels, you could potentially be producing much less energy than you thought.
A “premium” grade panel is guaranteed to produce the wattage on its nameplate or 5% over. This means that you’re getting the most for your money and the panels aren’t producing less than estimated.
If you want to have the best PV solar installation placed on your roof, make sure you’re investigating the type of panel being used and the amount of tolerance the panel itself has. Creating an efficient, high producing PV system isn’t cheap by any means. There are many options for homeowners and businesses to look into when thinking of going solar. Look for solar companies that have created a simplistic and effective way for producing solar energy for their consumers. See how they can take care of you in the sense of solar options, payments, and placement of the panels.…

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Solar Company in AZ

Solar Company in AZ – Build Your Own Solar Panel Modules

In these tough economic times we are all looking for ways of getting the most from what we have. However, have you ever thought about how much sunlight your house gets each day which is going unused? No matter where you live, and even on the cloudiest of days, Solar Company in AZ panel modules can generate more than enough heat and electricity for your home. These are also a good investment as they will add value to the house. You can even get a number of government grants to help cover the cost of installation.

Installing Solar Panels

Still, the most common reason for people not installing Solar Company in AZ panels on their homes is the initial cost. Would you be surprised to find out there are several do-it-yourself kits for as little as $200 to help you build your own solar panel modules? These are not just passive solar panels either but 60 to 120watt panels to generate electricity for your home. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a costly installation when the knowledge to do it yourself is available. Plus you get the advantage of deciding just how the panel will best suit your homes esthetic look. When you pay an installer to do this simple process, there is no guarantee they will be concerned with how these panels look on your home.
Another great thing about building your own Solar Company in AZ panel modules is the ease at which you can add, adjust or augment your existing setup. Once you’ve built one panel, adding additional panels is a snap. You could find you eventually are selling your excess energy back to your power company and actually making money by sitting at home on a sunny day. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, for as long as the sun is around you have access to power. Never again be frustrated because your TV or computer inconveniently shutoff due to a power failure.
You can start saving money from the very first day. Install your very own harbor freight solar panel modules and not only get through the tough times, but have something that will last a lifetime. The money you will save on installing it yourself means the time it takes to make back the cost of the panels is months instead of years. Spend a little time now to install your own solar panels and save yourself and the environment for many more years to come.…

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Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Company


Sell Your Homemade Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Company Panels For Profit

The DIY Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Company panel industry is booming. Thousands of do it yourself enthusiasts are taking advantage of the easy to follow instruction manuals that can be downloaded. As a result in the increase in sales of solar energy panels, the components required to repair and replace them have become common place and can be found in any hardware store.

The only problem that still remains is…

Buying panels is still extremely expensive.
As a result of this, there is a hungry growing market of people looking for cheap panels. Many entrepreneurial diy enthusiasts have seen a market that they can take advantage of and are selling their homemade panels online and in local classifieds and are making a very lucrative second income from them.

How Do You Start

In order to sell homemade panels, you need to make them first. Getting a comprehensive diy guide is easy and building a single panel will take no more than a few hours spread out over a weekend (taking into consideration paint drying time).

How Much Is the Setup Costs

Your initial investment will include the manual you will need which includes the tax rebate form that you will want to hand to your clients so that they can receive tax credits. An average for such a manual is $50 and then you will need to pay for your Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Company panel components.
If you decide to start small and build just one panel to sell and then use the profits to build another, your initial outlay should be no more than $300 for everything.

How To Sell The Panels

Marketing a product that is in demand is easy, but you can also advertise that you build custom sized Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Company panels to suit area and space as well as needs. Bespoke solar energy technician panels usually cost a fortune, so this is a great market to get into.…

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Solar Company in Los Angeles

How in the World Can a Little Solar Company in Los Angeles?

Generating your own electricity from sunlight is a marvelous thing. We hear so much about the damaging effects and rising costs of the fossil fuel industry. One has to wonder why more people aren’t buzzing about the cleanness and simplicity of converting sunlight to electricity.
In 7th grade I had a great science teacher. He was great because he thoroughly understood his subject. He knew it so well he could explain it in the most basic understandable terms. When Mr. Bielski taught us something, there was no child left behind. As a result, our love for science grew Solar Company in Los Angeles.

Solar Panel Science

Now I’m a grown-up student, learning from hands on experience. Solar Company in Los Angeles power has been part of my life for the past 16 years and I wouldn’t trade it for all the electric bills that never came. I started with one of the most basic systems. It cost me only a couple of hundred dollars since some components were second-hand. It wasn’t what you’d call a power-house, but it helped me to understand Solar Company in Los Angeles power from the ground up. My old science teacher would be proud.
I must confess that at the beginning I really didn’t understand how the solar cell itself was working. I only knew that if I put my used solar panel array face front to the sun, it would put electricity into my cheap-o batteries and I could run DC lights, a radio, my computer and a few other things that made our new home in the middle of nowhere more homey.
Now I realize that knowing how those little ring solar panel cells have been cranking out the juice all these years is worthwhile. I’m building my own solar panels now so handling these little wafers has made me curious about how they keep working their magic.
It turns out that every solar cell is like a sandwich. In the center is a thin slice of highly purified silicon. The silicon sandwich has two types of bread. On one side is boron and on the other side is phosphorus. Sounds yummy.
It just so happens that when this sandwich is bombarded by sunlight, some of the excess electrons are knocked off the side facing the sun. This creates a voltage difference between the two sides of the sandwich, which makes the electron very unhappy. They like to be balanced. So, the excess electrons try to go through the silicon to get to the side of the sandwich where there are fewer electrons. Unfortunately for them, that’s not easy because the silicon puts up resistance.
When we construct a solar panel, we string the solar cells together (usually 36 of them) with a type of metal ribbon, which acts like a wire. The unhappy crowded electrons find it easier to move down the metal ribbon than to fight their way through the silicon. When we attach a DC electrical device, such as a 12-volt light, to the wires coming off these metal ribbons, the electrons flow happily around the circuit and voila — there is light!
Does this matter? I think it does. When we realize how simple the solar cell is and how it makes electricity in such an uncomplicated way, we tend to think that the rest of the solar electric system can be understood, too… And it can.…

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Solar Company Utah


Solar Company Utah – Tips to Lower Your Monthly Costs

In our first two articles we discussed several tips to reduce your Solar Company Utah energy costs specifically during either the winter or summer months. In this article we will discuss tips you can use year round to help lower your energy costs and save on your monthly bills.

First let’s recap some of the tips we suggested using in winter:

– Lower your thermostat. Stay warmer by wearing more clothes, using space heaters, using electric blankets at night, etc.
– Check for drafts entering the home through doors or windows and seal them off.
– Reduce your outdoor pool’s running time to a minimum
Next let’s look at some of the tips we suggested for summer:
– Raise your thermostat. Stay cool by using fans, drinking plenty of water, wearing fewer clothes, etc.
– Pull shades to block out the sun’s heat.
– Insure your A/C unit is running optimally
Using our summer and winter tips will help you save on energy costs year round. Many items work to help cool and heat your home both, helping your unit work less, and use less energy.
– Changing the A/C filter regularly helps your unit run at its optimum level in both heat and cool modes.
– Space heaters and fans help create air flow within your home which in turn helps your unit not work as hard to circulate the air.
– Pulling the shades on windows can help both in winter and summer. In summer the shades block out the sun’s direct heat. In the winter shades help to block out drafts and block the cold temperatures on the window surfaces from entering the room.
– Increasing your attic insulation helps year round as well by retaining both the heat and cool into your home instead of letting it escape through the ceiling.
– Decreasing the amount of time that your outdoor pool’s filter system runs during the day will dramatically help to reduce your energy consumption. Work with your pool professional to find the optimal amount of time that the system should run each day to keep the pool clean while at the same time using as little energy as possible. You may want to consider building your own Solar Company Utah panel or wind turbine to power your pool pump. There are several websites that can teach you how to do this. See the links at the bottom of this article.
– Replacing your old windows with energy efficient models can easily pay for itself in a very short period of time. Today’s windows with Low E film are many times over more efficient than older models. The best advantage is that they work in both summer and winter. In summer energy efficient windows block out the sun’s direct heat as well as the ambient heat outside, all while directing the A/C unit’s cool air back into the room. In the winter they work the same by deflecting the heat in the room back into the room and by blocking out the cold air and wind. If you haven’t looked into replacing your windows and your home is more than 30 years old, you should really do so. The amount you could save could be huge. Not to mention that fact that your home will feel much better as well.
– Replacing your old, worn out central system will save you money year round as well. Depending on how old your unit is, how large your home is and how well it’s insulated, the savings you could see from replacing the unit could easily pay for the new unit in just a couple of years time.
– Caulking cracks around your home’s exterior will help to increase the home’s insulation factor which will obviously help year round by blocking out the cold and hot wind.
– Unplugging your unused electrical items will save energy year round.
– Don’t leave rechargeable items plugged in all the time. Once the unit is charged, unplug it completely from the wall.
– Don’t leave your toaster plugged in. It only takes a second to plug it in when you are ready to use it.
– Why leave your computer running all day while you are at work? Not only turn it off, but if you have it on a surge protector, which you should, turn the switch off so that all your computer items are off including your printer, copier, modem, monitor, etc.
– Unplug your jam box. It probably has a few lights and maybe a read out screen that stay lit even when the unit switch is off.
– Battery chargers. Once your drill or screwdriver battery is charged in the garage, unplug it.
So, as you …