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Solar Energy – The Futuristic Source of Energy

Solar Energy – The Futuristic Source of Energy

Almost all the non-renewable sources of energy are progressing towards a state of exhaustion. If we do not harness the power of the renewable sources to their maximum potential, we may face severe consequences in the future. This is why it has become essential to identify and explore the renewable sources of energy, such as solar energy. The sun is probably the biggest reason behind the existence of our planet.

However, there are certain challenges associated with harnessing solar power in an optimal fashion. For instance, the following three questions arise when you first think about utilizing solar power:

• Earth receives only a minuscule amount of sun’s energy. How can the heat reception and utilization at our planet be maximized?

• We receive the solar radiations only during the day. How can we make up for the energy to last through the night?

• Even after all the evolutions in technology to harness solar power, we can still only manage to use the energy falling on a given surface. How can we concentrate all this energy at one specific spot?

All these questions compel us to think about the future of solar power. Many researchers have predicted that solar energy is the energy of future, and will soon be available as a fully competitive energy source along with the present sources.

Solar Energy Today

In the current scenario, solar electricity is mainly generated using solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) cells in a home solar system. In a home solar system, solar panels simply convert sunlight into electricity, which is then supplied further. The main drawbacks associated with the solar panels of the past were the efficiency and the absence of power in the night. However, recent developments in solar panels have resulted in increased efficiency of the solar panels as well as made it possible to produce limited amounts of electricity even during the night.

Solar Energy Future

Solar panels are now globally used in the home-based solar systems as well as for commercial purposes. One of the main reasons for growing popularity of home solar systems is the guarantee that comes with the solar panels. These solar panels guarantee to offer you the continuous power supply for 25 years. Also, the government incentive schemes run by several state government become a motivating factor behind using solar power.

It may still take a while until we can completely depend on solar energy for our power requirements. However, with the present rate of fossil fuel consumption, more and more people are turning towards the sun as the ultimate source of energy.