Solar Panel Climate Issue – Will It Actually Work During Winter?

Solar Panel Climate Issue – Will It Actually Work During Winter?

If you live in an area with 4 seasons and would want solar panels installed in your house you are bound to ask if they will work during winter time?

Is it actually possible for it to work during cloudy times of the day and if there is not as much as sun as summer. To answer this quickly, yes solar panels already work even if it is cloudy or if there is less sunlight as long as you pick the right type of solar panel for this setup.

There are two types of systems the off-grid and grid type systems for solar panel installation. The off-grid setup has batteries and is independent on the local electrical company for backup energy.

These batteries will store excess electrical energy and should be useful during cloudy times of the year and if it is properly setup for your region they will have enough batteries for cloudy days since the more energy storage you have the more excess energy your panels can store. Just in case you have issues with an off-grid system a backup generator is usually used by people who use this solar energy system just in case they lose power.

If you have a grid type system it is much simpler since it will automatically “shift” to your local electrical company’s energy line once there is no solar energy available this setup is easier than off-grid and will lower your electricity bills without the risk of power outage.

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So Solar Panels actually work during winter, it is just a matter of doing due diligence and of course conserving energy especially if you are on an off-grid setup to prevent any problems later on.