Solar Panel Systems, a New Family Project Phenomenon

Solar Panel Systems, a New Family Project Phenomenon

I was born in the late seventies and while I was growing up there was little talk of solar panel systems for the home. When I was you there was buzz of solar panels and there where places that you could see them start to be installed and implemented.

In the 80’s and 90’s solar panels continued to improve as technology and material improved and became cheaper. While there where advancements people where still generally focused on the traditional forms for power creation such as coal fired power plants, hydo-electricity and even nuclear energy.

Most of us did not put two thoughts into where our power came from. We just flipped the switch and expected the lights to come on. Power was cheap and the thoughts of global warming where still new and for the most part people where not concerned about the issue.

Now things have changed and people are more conscious about the environment, but there is even a large factor at play right now and that is the economy. We have had to tighten our belts more than in the last fifty years and families are doing everything they can to cut their everyday living expenses.

The cost of power has skyrocketed and it is one of the largest expenses of the average household. This year there has been a heat wave that spread from coast to coast and people are running their air conditioners longer just trying to stay cool. In the summer months more than any other the power bills shoot up.

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Now there are solar panel systems that just about anyone can build in their garage and install on their house without ever calling in a professional. There are very affordable systems that can be basically purchased off the shelf, but going in line with saving money and tightening our belts, building a system on your own can be extremely affordable and is literally easier than ever.

There are some added benefits to the do it yourself route. Along with tightening the family belt, how about bringing the family together and build your solar system together. This project can be accomplished by anyone that is willing to do a little research, put some time in and follow directions. Get your kids involved and divide up small tasks that they can accomplish. Spend a couple hours as a family in the garage talking and working together.

Once you and the family have completed the project your kids can have a sense of accomplishment every time they flip the light switch and the lights come on. They will know that this was something they helped to build and will also show them the importance of family activities and helping each other to keep the family on budget.

Solar panel systems are affordable, easier than ever and can be done at home. Don’t waste your hard earned money buying something that you and your family can do on your own. Below this article is a resource box. There is a link where you can access more valuable information on do it your self solar power systems.

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