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How to Build Your First mission solar energy – Take the Right Step First

Let me come to the point straight away. Since many of you who are interested to build your own mission solar energy panel may be lacking in technical know-how to get started and may eventually seek information line, I would want you to keep a few points in mind throughout your project.
Building your first solar energy device isn’t a rocket science anymore given the simplicity of the task and the easy access to quality

Information About Solar Panel

information at a throw away price unlike a few years ago. But there is still something you must keep in mind. Many ordinary men and women have given up building their dream mission solar energy panels midway, no matter how much motivated they were initially, after a coupe of days of high octane start. Although they cite the loss of interest for this as the reason, I would want you to look at the real reasons for losing interest so soon. In my years of experience as an installation and service engineer, I have found people making a mess of what apparently is simpler for engineers and find them hard to crack when things such as this are presented to them in a text book style. More over, the non-technical background and the jargon stuffed manuals only add to their woes.

You are not Designing But Building a Solar Panel

I said it’s easy to build mission solar energy panels and realize your dream to live off the grid in a matter of about $200-250 in all, provided you have access to all and proper components and a very simply written manual which instead of going into the hard-to-crack engineering and theoretical aspects, deals in detail with practical issues such as the art of using the tools you have on hand and how to cut a piece of wood and how to solder a wire and the like. The point is, let’s leave the technical aspects to the engineers and focus on getting the thing up and running.
Look, you can build your 100 watt solar panel panel easily and quickly when the manual talks about issues like sources of components, the quantity of each of them you require for your project and the details of putting them together. You need lots of illustrations that explain each and every critical step and if you have videos in the manual, the better it is.
Let me ask: how many of you can imagine how to accurately solder a wire after reading an instruction for the first time? Let’s accept it, it is nightmarish for someone doing it for the first time and hadn’t heard of the word “soldering” till then; in my experience, that person will end up making a mess of things, breaking a few solar cells before finally calling it quits.
Let’s get things straight. It’s certainly not how much you spend on making your solar panel which is important but how good is your instructor or the manual and the components are to keep you going till you make your first ampere as you are going to save on electricity perpetually once you get it right. Even if you have to spend somewhere in the range of $240-250 to build solar panel, inclusive of components, tools, manual and installation, I think it’s worth your money.…