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Building Residential Solar Company Reviews Systems the Easy Way – Even a Kid Can Do It

The Solar Company Reviews panel technology has come a long way since the first solar cell was developed in 1883, which only had 1% efficiency and cost a premium to produce. Now, solar cells are thinner and cheaper, yet more efficient which made them within easy reach of almost anyone. This is particularly a good news to DIY advocates because they can use their resourcefulness and ingenuity to build solar panels that are significantly less expensive than commercial solar panel systems sold in the market.

DIY Solar Panel Photos Online

Today, ordinary people are proudly posting their own DIY Solar Company Reviews panel photos online, and one of those photos even show a kid who supposedly assembled a solar panel on his own. This is truly remarkable because it means that building your own solar panel is easy, parts are accessible and cost is reasonable-so complicated instructions, unavailability of parts and high cost are no longer valid as excuses not to utilize solar energy.
Although most of these DIY Solar Company Reviews panels are considered small-scale and can only power a few and often only small appliances, at least it’s a step. The goal is to familiarize yourself with how the system works and eventually to be able to build a huge system that can service a significant share, if not all, of your electric needs. If you’re interested to start with smaller versions, you’ll find that most of what you need can be bought in your local hardware store. But if you want bigger systems, it’s best if you can locate retailers who are selling exclusive solar panel stuffs. You can often find information on these sellers online. You can participate in solar energy discussion boards and ask those who have already built their own solar power systems or you can also ask around in your local area.
Another advantage of 100w solar panel energy panels, apart from uncomplicated assembly process, is they require almost no maintenance at all because there are no moving parts that will wear out overtime. In fact, the standard life-span of most panels are anywhere from 30 to 40 years. The amount of savings you will get on electricity over that period would be more than enough to pay for the initial cost that you spent in putting up the system. And it gets better, and ROI gets quicker because solar panel cost, whether DIY or commercial, are becoming more and more affordable every year.
As a result, people have better chances of utilizing solar energy as a means to create their own electricity and liberate themselves from high monthly electrical charges. And if more people will follow suit, this will create a big positive impact on our environment and our dependency on fossil fuels that are being depleted at a very alarming rate.