Homemade Solar Panel – Make Your Own Electricity

Homemade Solar Panel – Make Your Own Electricity

Solar energy, which Earth receives in one hour, is more than the whole energy world uses in a year. Solar energy when harvested through homemade solar panel is the easiest way to save money on home electricity. Solar panels promise big savings on your monthly energy bills. Still it is not that popular as it should be; maybe because of huge cost of the system installed by professionals. But the small investment on homemade solar panel can get immediate results.

How Solar Energy is generated

In the depths of sun, hydrogen atoms are fused in to helium atoms which results in non stop thermonuclear explosions. As a result huge energy is released during this process. Part of which reaches the earth in the form of radiation. This is the free source of energy for our homemade solar panel. Solar panel converts this solar radiation into useful electrical energy which can be stored in batteries for our use.

Working of your homemade solar panel

A photovoltaic panel has the array of Solar Cells, or photovoltaic cells, which are arranged in a grid-like pattern. These solar cells function is similar to the function of large semiconductors. When photons from the sun rays strike these solar cells, they displace electrons from the atoms. This leaves an empty space which attracts other free available electrons. If a PN junction is made-up in the cell, then the dislodged photons starts flowing towards the P side of the junction. The effect of this electron movement results in a flow of electrical current which can then be routed from the surface of the cell through electrical contacts to produce power. The output of your PV panel depends on the number and quality of solar cells. More the number of solar cells more will be the output from solar panel.

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Where to fit your Homemade Solar Panel

Rooftop generally receives the most direct sunlight. Therefore it is an appropriate place to install your PV panel. Our main goal is to get the unobstructed sunlight. You can place it in your backyard as well wherever you feel it will get direct sun rays.

Tracking of your homemade Solar Panel

As the earth moves in the elliptical path around the sun through a yearly cycle, the angle of sunlight changes. To get the maximum output from your system, you can track the sun as it changes its position. You can go in for an automatic solar tracker which automatically follows the sun’s daily path or you can adjust your solar panels accordingly to track the sun by yourself.

Some guidelines to do this by yourself:

·         In the month of February set your panel at the same angle as the latitude of the place you live.

·         In the month of May set your panels at the angle of your latitude minus 15 degrees.

·         In the month of August set your panel at the same angle as your latitude.

·         In the month of November set your panel at the angle of your latitude plus 15 degrees.

If you are willing to put in the effort in building your panels, you will find it will save you large amounts of money on your electricity bills.