Homemade Solar Panel

Homemade Solar Panel

Having to pay someone to come in and set up the power system on your roof can be very expensive and will cost thousands of dollars easily. It is much cheaper to do it yourself and the results can be just as effective. If you are interested in taking advantage of free and clean energy that comes from sun, then you really may want to think hard about adding those panels to your home. You’ll notice a difference in your electricity bill and you will also be doing your part to protect the environment.

I was always very curious about solar energy but I never came across the thought of building my own solar power systems but in this time of crisis where cost of living is rising, building your own solar power systems can go a long way providing not just financial solutions, but solutions to the problems of the world as well.

My question was, how do I create my own solar systems without knowing anything about it.

I found out that there are a ton of guides out there which can give you the detailed schematics. You will need some plywood, flexi glass, silicone, a soldering iron and some tabbing wires in order to complete your simple yet effective solution to electric bill problems.

It is true that PV cells, which are responsible for harnessing the sun’s energy, can be quite expensive and you can not build your own out of junk. But there is a way to acquire it with little cash. There are those who are selling chipped or used PV cells all over the internet and in other buy and sell ads around the country.

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A quick search in the internet, a stop at your local bookstore or even a chat with your local hardware salesman can teach you how to complete this project on your own. I have done a long research, because my skills with tools aren’t as good as others but after trying couple of videos on YouTube and metacafe I finally came across DIY solar panel Home Kit. My home power system was complete for less than $180 after a week of work!

DIY easy to follow, fully illustrated manuals and step by step instructional videos and if you’re interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your energy bill, then this is the solution for you.