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So you’re looking for for solar panels for sale?
That makes a lot of sense. As energy prices continue to be unpredictable, more and more builders and home owners are looking to Solar Company in CT energy as a way to reduce prices. Some even begin to sell electricity back to the power company.
Still, even though they’re more cost efficient in the long run than drawing energy from the power company, solar panels for sale aren’t your best bet. There’s a nearly untapped source that’s far more economical.

What is it?

It’s do-it-yourself (DIY) solar panels.
Hear me out. And tell me, when I’m done, if you don’t think I’m right.
First, you can’t beat the price.
A typical solar panel installed on your roof will run you $7-9 per watt (or about $800 per 100-watt panel). You can buy Solar Company in CT panels for sale at around $4-6 watt. But after professional installation, you’ll be back near the commercial price, say around $700 per 100-watt panel.
How much will it cost for you to do it yourself?
Less than $200. Savings like that isn’t just small change.
That’s $500 still in your pocket at the end of the day – and that’s about how long it will take you to build the average 100-watt panel – one day.
Ok, but do you have to be handy?
Yes, a little. But if you can drive screws and fix your sink, you can probably do it yourself.
Here’s what you need to know.
1. Get detailed plans
Not the free ones that usually get too technical too fast. Right away you’re staring at wiring diagrams. And GET VIDEOS if you can. It will make all the difference in following the instructions the first time.
2. Get most supplies locally
They’re not exotic like they used to be. You’ll have just about everything you need in your garage or available at the local hardware store:


a roll of copper wire, and

sheets of glass

Yes, you do need to get some photovoltaic cells. But building Solar Company in CT panels is common enough now that they are readily available online or even at some local retailers.
3. Get a free weekend
Spend a day in the garage with your son or daughter (plan a weekend if it’s your first panel) and you’ll have a 100-watt panel.
What will that power?
Typically a small appliance, though I was just talking to the local fish hatchery and they run all their lights and pumps off one ring solar panel the size of a big picnic table top.