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Month: March 2020


Solar Energy Facts That Could Change Your World

Solar Energy Facts That Could Change Your World

There is a huge interest in learning more about solar energy facts these days because more and more people are interested in green energy.

Solar energy can be used for a wide range of things like heating our houses, heating water, and even running motors to cool and air-condition our houses. To help you learn more about solar energy facts, here are 7 of them to help increase your green energy knowledge.

1. The earth receives and amazing 174 pentawatts of solar radiation every day. But a large portion, about 30%, is reflected back into space, and is unable to be used.

2 The total solar energy absorbed by the atmosphere, ocean, and land masses is about 3.9 exajoules per year.

3. The amount of sun energy reaching the earth in one hour is more then enough to power the world for one whole year!

4. The amount of solar power that reaches the surface of the earth is so big in one year that is about twice as much then will ever be claimed from all of the Earth’s nonrenewable resources like coal, oil, uranium, and natural gas.

5. Sun light travels to our planet in approximately 8 minutes, travels 93,000,000 miles, and travels at 186,282 miles per second.

6. The great Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first people ever to predict solar industrialization way back in 1447. He was a famous philosopher and one of the greatest artists of all time.

7. The world record for a solar powered aircraft is for flying 4,060 km across the United States without refueling.

These are just a few of the many amazing solar energy facts are out there. If you are interested in creating more about free energy you should learn all you can about this valuable resource.…


Steps to Build Your Own Solar Oven

Steps to Build Your Own Solar Oven

A solar oven is a cooking device that receives 100% of its power from sunlight. This characteristic makes a solar oven environmentally friendly as well as portable, because it requires no gas or electricity to operate. It’s also easy to make and store one, so you won’t need to set aside much space.

You’ll need the following tools and materials:

Umbrella, Aluminum foil, Cooking pot with lid (black is better), Hacksaw, File, Black duct tape or electrical tape

Hammer, Beaker tripod and wire gauze, UV protection glasses or sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses, Work gloves, Meat thermometer (when cooking meat)

Step One: Solar Oven Safety and Design

Understanding the way solar ovens work and knowing the precautions you should take is important before you begin making your own. Basically, a solar oven cooks food by using the light and heat energy contained in the sun’s rays. You’ll be able to achieve temperatures approaching 300 degrees Fahrenheit by focusing this solar energy. This is hot enough to cook meat as well as boil and sterilize water, but it can also give you a serious burn so you need to be careful whenever you’re using it. Wear appropriate protective glasses to prevent your eyes from being damaged by UV light.

Step Two: Apply Aluminum Foil to an Open Umbrella

The reflective surface of a solar oven focuses the sun’s heat and light, and aluminum foil makes a fine reflective surface when applied to a fully opened umbrella. Open the umbrella until it locks, and then cut a two-foot strip of foil for each of the umbrella’s sections. Next, cover the umbrella’s edge with foil, then apply one of the two-foot foil strips to a section of umbrella, ensuring that half the strip is on each side of the umbrella and there’s an even overlap on each side of the divisions. Overlap that first strip with another strip of foil on the inside of the umbrella, and apply tape to keep the foil in place. Repeat until the inside of the umbrella is completely covered by aluminum foil.

Step Three: Remove the Umbrella’s Handle

While you’re wearing work gloves and polycarbonate glasses, cut off the umbrella’s handle with the hacksaw, 1 centimeter above the umbrella’s locking mechanism. Smooth out the sharp edges with a file, and then hammer those edges toward the center to create a beveled shape. This can help prevent accidental burns while your solar oven is being used.

Step Four: How to Use the Solar Oven

To cook something with your solar oven, first open up the umbrella and lock it into place. Next, point it toward the sun, using rocks or other objects to prop it up and keep it aimed at the sun. Insert the tripod into a level portion of your solar oven and position the wire gauze on it. Fill your cooking pot with food, put the lid on and then place the pot on the wire gauze. Make sure that it continues to point toward the sun while your food is cooking. Finally, when you’re cooking meat, make sure you use a meat thermometer to be certain it’s cooked to a safe temperature.…


Important Facts You Need to Know About Residential Solar Energy Systems

Important Facts You Need to Know About Residential Solar Energy Systems

Residential solar energy systems have helped greatly in cutting down electric bills to many residents. Those people that find mortgage payments slightly high have discovered a way of adding relief to their lofty bills through the use of the systems. A solar power generator is one of the perfect examples of the solar power systems which can be installed in your home easily allowing you to have free electricity.

Residential solar energy systems are made up of many factors in terms of features, functionality, size and benefits. This article will look at each individual factor that makes up the solar power systems in length.

Features: Most of the solar systems are usually mounted on the roof tops where solar energy is in return generated to many homes. These energy systems exist in 2 ways i.e. stand alone and corporate connected (which means that their connection is on a power grid). The beneficial factor about those residential energy systems that are connected to a power grid is that there is power backup.

Functionality: Most of the solar power systems work efficiently by tapping sunlight in which the energy is converted into electricity through the help of solar panels. The solar panels ensure that the DC charge is sent through the precise wires where it is converted into an AC power possible to be used at home in one of the solar power systems.

Size: Those residential solar power systems that take precisely one side of the roof ensure that the entire house is filled with power making it possible for you no to rely on any other source of power. The company that is responsible for the installations should make sure that the best side of the roof is chosen in order to tap optimal sunlight for the system available. Remember, for you to have ease on the eyes and at the same time save a lot of space, think of the residential solar energy systems for your home.

Benefits: Being in a possession of any solar power systems harbors many benefits. One benefit is that the solar energy has no poisonous emissions in the air making it environmental friendly. They have a longer life of about thirty years making it easier for you to make whatever savings on the payments that have been made to you within the 1st 9 years. In addition, as the owner of the residential solar energy systems, you will have about twenty one years enjoying free electricity.

In conclusion, there are many misconceptions that are linked with residential solar energy systems. Some people believe that they can only work efficiently with the presence of intense sunlight on the solar panels. This conception is not true as the batteries can be used to store energy which can be utilized during the night and bad weather conditions for a period of time before the sun comes out again. Thus residential solar energy systems can run with or without the presence of sunlight.…


Build Your Solar Panels at Home!

Build Your Solar Panels at Home!

Harness the sun – build your solar panels at home


Solar energy in the form of light and heat is not a new age solution to environmental woes. The resource has been with us throughout time, including the Ice Age. It is just that with the rise in awareness towards the depletion of the ozone and that of the non-renewable resources that our planet supplies us with, has made us turn to this inexhaustible alternative source of energy. It is now very easy to create a power grid at home! All the help you need with the endeavor to build your solar panels is easily available online and offline. This is the best gift back to the planet that supports us and makes available an inexhaustible source of energy – the sun!


Engineering solar energy conservation


When you take to building your solar energy conservatory at home it is important to indulge in a little research and investigation to get your facts right. It is also important to identify the right guidance from the right resource. To build your solar panels you have to follow a simple method that begins with understanding the components and functionality of an array of solar cells ingrained within the panel design. Basically, what this main design component does is converts energy radiated by the Sun into photons which are nothing but small bundles of light. These are then converted into electricity.

To build your solar panels at home you need to understand the science behind it as you assimilate your carpentry and engineering skills.

What the design is meant to do is bank on the photoelectric effect of each photon and store the pure energy and light thus harnessed for later use. The trillions of photons are routed by the metallic surfaces of metals and semiconductors. In your endeavor to build your solar panels you need to invest in a good and budget specific kit. You don’t necessarily need to choose a silicon panel as the price tag would be high; the other options to explore include the displayed photoelectric effect by cuprous oxide and similar combos.

With the right DIY and components manipulating the cost of manufacture is possible. The comparatively negligible installation can be done at home via step by step guidance offered by a number of dedicated resources. The result is a panel that gives you energy that comes free but something that you can earn from! Many people around the world are now exploring the avenues that pay for the extra energy converted and available at hand. Once the whole apparatus is kept exposed to sunlight and heat, you have a gold mine at hand! The savings in terms of the utility bills is amazing. The energy converted to electricity when you build your solar panels helps you to light up the home and the garden, heat water and keep the home warm. It is used in a number of ways via a simple apparatus and installation. The current flowing through the apparatus give you power output as much is desired!…


Things to Remember Before You Build a Solar Panel at Home

Things to Remember Before You Build a Solar Panel at Home

Are you trying to build a solar panel at home? Building a solar panel is always a lot of fun and it can surely help you in learning a few new things too. So if you need some help with it, read this article and know all you need to about how and why to build a solar panel at home.

Quick tips:

Before you begin, get all the items together. Since putting a solar power panel together can be a little tricky, you wouldn’t want to run out of materials while you are in the process of assembling it.

Know where to get the materials from. Do some research and check out the local stores. Once you have an idea about what is available where, you will be able to procure every required material easily.

Educate yourself on how to build a solar power panel at home. This project may be very interesting, but it is not among the simplest ones to complete. So do not take it lightly and learn about the procedures first. If you approach the work with inadequate knowledge, you will not be able to get the desired results out of the home built solar panel.

Make it a group activity. When you decide to build a panel, ask your friends or family members to join you. If you turn it into a team activity, not only will you be able to complete the task faster, you will also have a lot of fun with your friends and family. It can then double up as a great way to spend time together.

Make it a learning experience as well. Ask your children to observe how a solar panel is built and while assembling the pieces, explain every step. This is a great way to teach children (and adults too) about the principles of solar energy.

So if you haven’t yet, you can try to build a solar power panel at home now. It is not very difficult and you end up feeling very satisfied at the end. A solar panel can help you conserve energy and also make your power options vast. Shifting to solar energy can also prove to be very economical as after the initial installment, you do not have to pay anymore money. Introduce the benefits of solar power into your life by putting a panel together at home and soon you will be amazed by the scope and reach of the sun’s energy.…


How to Build Solar Panels Excellently!

How to Build Solar Panels Excellently!

In case you were harboring thoughts lately about building your solar panel even with your tight budget, then you should read this article. However before we start, there are some things to take into account and one of those is being open with the idea of trying out new stuff because this will for sure increase your chances of going for your goals.

The process of how to build solar panels can be done with the help of the whole family; in fact, this is a great way to spend your weekend together. Furthermore, going for solar energy will allow you to save a lot of cash while it gives you that very good feeling of knowing that you are being a big help to the environment.

When you are ready to know how to build solar panels, here are some facts to understand first:

1. Remember that the process will not be simple. If you are thinking that it will be an enjoyable and a very easy process then you are wrong. It will ask you to offer your energy and your concentration. Do not be dishearten by this fact though because if you just realize things better, you will understand that there isn’t any project that you can do which is easy. Think about baking, planting, etc-they are never easy. Everything will ask you to sweat…

2. Keep in mind that understanding how to build solar panels is not a child’s play. It will ask you to concentrate well and picture the things you ought to do in your head so you can come up with the right way of doing things. You cannot just make use of the tools without thinking about the outcome of your work because if you do, you will only be wasting your money. This is an imperative thing to do to ensure that you can make your project as a something that you can take pleasure of.

3. It is important as well to realize that the process on how to build solar panels will take time. Unless you are an expert, you can complete the work over a weekend. But since you are just beginning, it is expected that you will meet a lot of troubles along the way which will allow you to repeat the process. Do not be disheartened though because with patience, you will be able to make it through all the hard work.…


Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels With Solar Energy

Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels With Solar Energy

With the rising costs of heating fuel and the price of electricity, now may be the perfect time to consider using solar energy to power your home. This is growing in popularity as a very effective alternative energy source for homes and businesses.

Unfortunately, there are some people who insist that solar energy will never be a viable method of producing electricity. These are usually the people who have ties to the oil industry, also including coal and nuclear power, and would definitely be losing money with the prospect of the world transitioning to clean energy sources. Also by using clean energy, there is no chance of ever running out, as opposed to fossil fuels which costs billions of dollars to produce and ship, and even worse the costs to the environment when accidents happen. Don’t be swayed by the naysayers.

Solar power is the most effective and cost efficient way to generate power. Even with today’s energy prices, this would raise the standard of living for many people in the world who may otherwise not have access to electricity, and most importantly have very little impact on the environment.

In order to get the energy efficiency benefits of solar power in your home, you will need to install solar panels. There are currently easy to follow do-it-yourself solar panel kits available to help you do just that. The way these panels work is they draw in energy during the day when the sun shines on the panels and then stores excess energy in a battery system to use at night and on cloudy days. Different types and sizes of panels will store more or less energy. Obviously on very sunny days there will be more energy produced, but they will function properly with reduced sunlight. A smaller system may save you around 50% of your energy costs, and a bigger system will make even more of an impact on your monthly costs.

Other small ways you can have an impact on your monthly costs are shutting off the lights behind you when you leave a room, turning the heat down in the winter and the air conditioning temperature up in the summer, and also closing curtains to provide insulation to the windows.…


Used Solar Panels – Discover The Benefits and Negatives Before Owning These Panels

Used Solar Panels – Discover The Benefits and Negatives Before Owning These Panels

Do you need a cheap still working solar panels? Contemplate getting used solar power panels?

Recycling used solar power systems and building these up yourself is likewise an option a high level electrically inclined individual. These methods tend to be a big help within decreasing cost. These recycling materials, even unusual ones such as cadmium and tellurium, is usually an expensive process. Actually, at the present time it’s cheaper to use completely new materials, but because this is in portion due to the not enough large-degree recycling programs. Recycling where possible your trash, successfully reusing just about anything you’ll be able to, and decreasing the utilization of a lot of things, like power, are only a few. What number of instances, nevertheless, accomplish you concentrate on the house plumbing?


These panels tend to be good to use and buying if there is not any damages. You can use used panels to create electricity. Used solar power systems are available with a fraction of the price associated with brand-new panels. These panels ordinarily operate at all-around 90 percent on the efficiency of new cells. They are invariably an alternative if your new systems that may match your energy desires are out of reach of your respective pocketbook. A few of the safety measures you should consider when buying used panels is to make sure they are with good working buy, check for indications of damage (which in turn can often be fixed by a skilled), and be selected the panels will probably be energy efficient.

Though obvious damages needs to be avoided, minor disorders like chipped as well as cracked glass floor or broken electric connections within the section can be easily fixed with some modest touch ups. These panels are offered by many different offline and online retailers. Whether where you will buy used factors from large organizations or surplus products, resellers are able to obtain solar panels after which sell them to an individual. These are usually thus very effective, as well as this article will help show you exactly how this is possible.


These panels available for sale could be offered for any number of motives. They could be ruined panels and in many cases, unless you know what you want, you wouldn’t be aware what damage exists or what makes up being a destroyed panel.Damaged solar power panels for sale usually still produce electrical power but will not do the job efficiently and can also be dangerous to use. You will probably not know the heritage of the solar panels may be employed to create less expensive home solar power devices. These panels are located in many places in addition to from different resources. You can strategy homeowners who have residential solar panels that look aged.

On top of these, these can also be a good solution and can always be picked up for just a reasonable cost. These panels tend to be by far the lowest priced way to go PV. Building your own preserves you big money too. Used solar panels undoubtedly are a bargain in every method. Purchasing used along with discounted solar panels might be a good option intended for homeowners looking to head out solar on a budget. On the other hand, there are challenges and precautions concerned. Purchase a cell and put inside your backyard or garden or roof, there you have your own power to smooth your life. The value for this method is usually slightly expensive since the panels are expensive for you to manufacture.…


Alternative Power – Solar Energy

Alternative Power – Solar Energy

If you have an interest in understanding how solar energy works and how to reduce your energy bills by utilizing it as an alternative power source, then facts about this form of energy is going to capture your interest! This energy is a renewable resource and one of the oldest method of energy consumption. The fact of the matter is that the sun’s rays are so powerful that if we are to convert that into energy, the Earth will never run out of energy for no less than another 4.5 billion years, scientists say. The sun never creates any unsafe by-product which could harm the environment.

In the early ’50s, this energy was considered as a substitute for man-made energy resources. Further studies lead to the discovery that energy could be obtained through less-expensive sources. The demand for this energy has grown significantly within 20 to 50 % over the last twenty years.

Solar power can support home devices, lighting and water heaters. Nowadays, this form of energy is more heavily priced, but in the future, with increased systematic research, it will cut down the expenses, and will increase its efficiency in the process. By 2025, it’s predicted to generate around 2.5% of the world energy demand through solar energy. This makes it the fastest growing technology.

There are some basic facts about this form of energy that you should know. It is measured in kilo watt hours, and 1 kilowatt=100 watts. One kilo watt hour equals the total quantity of electric energy which is needed to burn a hundred watt light bulb in a span of ten hours. 866 kilowatt hours is the monthly consumption of an average American household. The Residential Energy Consumption Survey conducted in 2001 shows that a yearly energy bill was around 2,000 dollars.

A decrease in unit costs has contributed towards a growth in expansion rates, making it an imperative energy resource. After the year 2000, solar energy has grown at a yearly rate of 40%. Solar power is moving at a progressive rate in the developing countries too, as the employment of fossil fuel has doubled over time.

Compared to this energy which is an unending alternative power source, ordinary fuel reserves are reducing. And unlike costly power grids, setting up solar energy devices (if you’re going to make solar panels, for example) is quite easy. The disadvantage of fossil fuels is that the costs have risen along with the cost of transporting coal, oil and gas.…


Active and Passive Techniques for Utilizing Solar Power

Active and Passive Techniques for Utilizing Solar Power

The recent evolutions in solar technologies have made it possible for everyone to utilize solar power. As a result, several people have already started using various kinds of solar systems. These can be used in various ways depending upon the kind of solar techniques they are using. Solar techniques can be classified into categories including the active solar and passive solar techniques.

This classification of these is made on the basis of how they harness, convert, and supply the solar power. They both differ in terms of their usages and applications as well. Let us have a look at the different aspects of the active and passive solar techniques.

Active Solar Energy

Active solar techniques mainly involve the direct absorption of solar energy to generate some usable form of energy, such as electricity. One of the major ways to use active energy is to use solar panels. These solar panels are constructed with semiconductors (e. g. crystalline silicon), which generate electrical energy. these panels are exposed to direct sunlight. Upon absorption of sunlight they convert it into electricity, which is either used directly to power your appliances or is stored by solar inverters.

In addition, solar motors, few kinds of hot water systems, solar collectors, solar trackers, etc are few other kinds of system that utilize active techniques.

Passive Solar Energy

Passive solar techniques do not involve direct absorption of sunlight to convert it into some useful form of energy. They do not use active mechanical systems for absorbing this radiations. Instead, they mainly rely on the design and construction aspects of the systems that are meant to use the energy passively. For instance, a building can be constructed such that it uses this energy to facilitate its heating or cooling. Also, it can be designed to allow effective ventilation inside the building. While designing such buildings, parameters like thermal mass, orientation, shape, density of walls, and arrangement of shadow are considered.

In addition to the buildings that use passive techniques, there are many other usages of passive energy. This energy can be passively used in solar cookers, water heaters, chimneys, and earth sheltering. These all are designed such that this energy is directed to heat air, which is preserved by the appropriate thermal mass. This stored energy is used for various purposes such as heating, cooling, ventilating etc. In addition, solar furnaces and solar forges are widely used in industrial applications as well.…