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What Determines the Price of Alcohol?


Finding alcohol at a reasonable price can often be difficult, depending on where one resides. Many people are uninformed on where to shop if they are new to drinking or don’t realize the wide variety of options they have. Here are the main factors that sway the price and selection of alcohol.


If one is purchasing alcohol in a big city such as New York or Chicago, that person will likely pay an escalated price and have a wide range of choices. The reason is due to the higher cost of living in these areas and a larger population density. People in larger cities often enjoy many different kinds of alcohol because of the diversity of the inhabitants.

On the other hand, in smaller towns, the demographic will be a lot less diverse, and the population will enjoy similar types of alcohol. Therefore, the selection will generally be weaker, but due to the low cost of living, the price will be much lower.


Buying beer from a grocery store, such as Walmart, will be inherently cheaper than going to a local bar or pub to purchase the same beer on tap or even from a can. People who go to bars may pay a steeper price for their alcohol because of the social atmosphere that comes with it. However, bars rarely sell alcohol in quantities as large as chain grocery stores do.

In terms of stores that sell bulk alcohol exclusively, it is common to pay a higher price at a smaller liquor store that has an alcohol license Dallas TX. Liquor stores offer a much wider variety of drinks compared to chain grocery stores because they often sell drinks that are unique to that part of town or are difficult to find.

As long as people are informed about how alcohol prices are determined, they won’t be surprised when they get their bills from bars or liquor stores.