Solar Panel


Real Value Homemade Solar Panels

Real Value Homemade Solar Panels

The sun’s heat and light can be harnessed with the use of solar panels and stored for later use. The technology is simple and extremely cost effective, especially when you opt for the real value make-it-at-home option. The pales not only attract the heat and light of the sun but also route and store them in special batteries for use at a later stage – through the night and in the case of a grid failure. Power generation companies are now actively investing in ways and means of going green. Thanks to the way we have abused our non-renewable resources.A�

Making the investment in energy conservation real value

Across the globe people are now researching on methods and looking for alternative energy sources. This head hunt is to primarily meet the ever increasing demand for power by an every growing world population. Solar panels help harness this electricity so badly needed. You can now sit at home and harness the energy released by the sun and grasped by our atmosphere via the solar radiation that makes its way to the planet. Today, without a doubt, the sun has emerged as a major contributor of one of the leanest energy forms on the planet.

You can go green with an installation that is as cost effective as it is satiating to your role as a global citizen. The most potent and reliable source of inexhaustible energy, the sun now empowers each and every home owner to use solar panels and take control of the solar energy that the earth receives. The conversion results in a usable form like electricity, day and night, and satiation of the power hungry lifestyles we live. The installation takes the fitting of a cell (photovoltaic cell) for the conversion of the energy harnessed in the form of photons into what we used as electrical energy.A�

Becoming a green engineer

The solar panels are but an array of solar cells. You can reap good dividends in long term with your investment in the conservation of the environment. The aim of engineering this project should always first be trapping the abundantly available renewable energy from the sun and then selling power to a grid! The high cost of installation is a myth. Within any budget you can now get down to buying a DIY kit that saves you on labor costs. What you need is an investment in time and energy and voila!

The construction equipment includes:A�

A� Wafer-based crystalline silicon solar cells

A� Plywood with suitable dimensions

A� Thermoplastic or Plexiglas

A� Wood molding

A� Fiberboard

A� Zener diode

A� Silicone caulk

A� Copper wireA�

Installing solar panels for long term benefits involves some knowledge of wiring and carpentry. All the help and guidance you need for the project is available online and all the construction material is available at the local hardware store. Once you get the array of solar cells and framework (wooden or plastic) ready, you are sorted thorough phase one. The wafer- crystalline silicon cell is used as the semi-conductor and the unit as a whole helps you to harness the solar power.