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Month: November 2020


Alternative Green Energy For the Home

Alternative Green Energy For the Home

Green energy is about saving money as well as saving the planet. The cost of running a home has increased and will continue to increase, so thousands of people are taking their energy needs and supply into their own hands and are building alternative devices for their homes.

For an Easy Option – Go Wind

The simplest devices that have gained popularity are wind turbines. Wind energy is not just about wind farms, but is about the average household utilizing this simple technology to harness free energy.

For those looking at the overall investment versus the outlay, you will be pleased to hear that you can find very easy step by step instruction online for $19.95. The components that you will need in order to complete the job will cost in the region of $100. The amount of energy that you wind turbine will produce is directly related to the size and the amount of wind that you have.

For the More Adventurous – Go Solar

Solar panels are not difficult to manufacture and will not cost a lot of money. The overall costs include the manuals which retail at around $49.99 and the components cost will run at around $200. For this amount of money you will produce an 80watt solar panel. The cost can be reduced by sourcing ‘broken cells’ which are just as effective, but are not regular in shape.

For the Innovative Types – Go Magnetic

Magnetic generators have become very popular since the launch of the first DIY step by step magnetic generator manual in May, 2009. Sales are exploding and with a money back guarantee on the manual, this is a great diy project for the more innovative DIY enthusiasts. These devices are not reliant on wind or sun and the cost of the manual will set you back around $50 whilst components will cost in the region of $200.…


Facts About Solar Energy – Part 2

Facts About Solar Energy – Part 2

You want the best value for your money, and knowing all the facts about solar energy is the best way forward. Whether you’re looking for a whole home electricity or heating installation or a portable power supply for camping, it’s better to know what’s a great deal and what’s not. Let’s take a look at some more solar energy facts:

– The energy yield of a 1 kilowatt solar power system is approximately equal to the burning of 170 lbs of coal and 300 lbs of CO2 being discharged into the atmosphere.

– At the closing of 2005, the entire global peak power production of installed solar panels was near 5,300 MW.

– The world’s biggest solar electric system was claimed by Germany. Their 10 MW Bavaria Solarpark covers 25 hectares with over 57,000 photovoltaic panels. The new Arnstein solar electric plant in Bavaria is now claiming to be the greatest. It provides 12 MW of energy to about 3,500 households from over 1,400 movable solar panels. However, in the Mojave Desert in North America is the world’s largest solar energy plant. It covers 1000 acres of solar reflectors. An amazing ninety percent of the world’s presently commercially produced solar power is produced there.

– Africa’s Sahara desert, presuming 15% efficient solar cells, could produce more than 450 TW annually. Current yearly worldwide energy consumption, including fossil and renewable sources is about 13 TW.

– Approximately one-half of global output of solar panels is consumed by Japan. Their purpose is for the most part grid linked residential applications.

– Israel is constructing a 100 MW solar power plant. It should provide more than 200,000 homes with electricity. There are advanced plans for a further 500 MW solar power plant. This would make Israel a solar energy leader.

– Establishing that solar power isn’t only for hotter climates, the British have decked out Manchester’s biggest building, the CIS Tower, with solar panels. In 2005 it began pumping energy into their national energy grid.

– Solar energy can play a huge role in the transportation industry. The 3000+ KM Australian Darwin-Adelaide yearly car race for solar-powered vehicles leads solar research. It draws in multinational competition and is making lots of headway in the field. In the first race in 1987, the racer’s average speed was 67 km/hr. By 2005 it was 103 km/hr. Speed isn’t necessarily the most crucial aspect of solar energy, but to the solar transportation industry it is. Car exhausts are a leading cause of global warming.

– The human being ecological footprint is huge, some countries bigger than others. There are approximately 2 billion global citizens with no electricity whatsoever. To these people, the facts about solar energy are that they can’t just hit a switch to turn it on and are often engulfed in poverty. By contrast, America accounts for over 25% of global energy consumption, but only 5% of the global population.

– Shell has forecasted that 50% of the world’s electrical energy will come from renewable sources by 2040. Shell will also unite in a monumental renewable energy development project backed up by the UAE. Numerous industrial heavyweights will join, such as British Petroleum, Total, Occidental Petroleum Corp, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Fiat and Mitsubishi.

– The facts about solar energy are not only about technology. The fact is the acceptance of solar energy alone isn’t going to give rise to a sustainable Earth. Without a larger passion of favorable human being fundamental interaction it will still be a frigid, and unsustainable, world.…


Building Your Own Solar Panels – Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Building Your Own Solar Panels – Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Looking for ways to save electricity can be maddening when you’re stuck with power bills that cost you hundreds of dollars per month. It seems that no matter what anyone does, the power bill continues to remain high. Have you ever noticed that the prices rise for everyone at the same times every year? It’s true, electricity is outrageous, and it’s just going to get higher.

Chances are that you use no more power inside your home than you always have, but for some reason, it’s higher than it was last year, and last year was higher then the year before. It’s not difficult coming up with the result of what next year will hold. Creating solar power can help you to save electricity and potentially eliminate your bill altogether.

Solar power is free and it comes from the sun. It works in the same fashion as electricity to power your home, however the main benefit is that it does not harm the atmosphere. There are no dangers to using solar panels. Unlike coal, there is an abundance of sunshine. Some people wonder if they can still power their homes when it’s raining or dark outside. The answer is yes, you can.

You can reuse the power absorbed from the sun onto the panel over and over again. You can even sell your remaining electricity from your panel to your local power company. There are a lot of people who worry that if they create solar power panels on their own that it won’t be effective. Thanks to online DIY guides, there is no way that you can go wrong. The instructions provided in solar panel DIY guides are simple and basic.

There is no use in going out and spending $30,000.00 that you do not have on professional installation, unless you want to. You can still save electricity by creating your own panels at home. Sure, the panels you create on your own won’t be as flashy or aesthetically appealing, but who cares? The power provided is free!

At first, you’re not going to completely eliminate your power bill because you’re likely to need a number of panels in order to power your entire home. There is little need for concern about price however, because it usually only costs around $200.00 for all of the materials needed to build one panel. And do not worry, you’re not going to need a lot of solar panels to save electricity.

If you do your research, you’ll find that there is an abundance of information all over the net pertaining to how to create solar power at home. It’s crucial to understand the importance between what works and what does not. Depending on the DIY guide you use, putting your panels together will either be difficult or simple. Make sure that the information you read seems legitimate before purchasing just any set of instructions.

Most people are able to save electricity enough to totally get rid of their monthly power bill. Doing so can usually save families and individuals a couple thousand dollars per year. Another important fact to be aware of is that electric companies go up on their rates every year. What they were charging last year may not be what they are charging this year. There is no way to stop this process because of the amount of money it is taking to use the Earth’s valuable resources. The longer people use these resources, the more limited they become. The only way out is by investing in DIY solar panels to save electricity.…


Alternative Energy Information

Alternative Energy Information

The term alternative energy has become known also as renewable energy, but what do we mean when we use this term of alternative energy information. Do we mean any energy different to what we are already using or do we mean any energy that is not finite.

Let’s look at a brief history of energy; wood at one point was the main source of energy for mankind. It provide warmth and building materials for shelter, however as time passed on wood was being used in great quantities and the supply was dwindling. Mankind therefore had to find an alternative form of providing the warmth we needed, it was now the turn of coal to provide this much needed energy, even up till today this is still a major source of fuel for a lot of our needs. We now also use oil from which we have derived petroleum this provides us means of powering machines, cars, plant equipment, to name just two things.

However these energy providers’ coal, oil, and also natural gas are all what we term as fossil fuels and these are not renewable, in fact they are what we known as finite fuels, and they will run out in the future.

So do we provide our grandchildren with a world without these resources or do we have a duty to future generations to look and use energy sources which are renewable?

A lot of people now believe that finding and using renewable energy more now, is of paramount importance to help this ailing planet (global warming) and for the wellbeing of future generations.

Governments and the Utility companies are now beginning to realise that this problem must be given a lot of importance and are only now investing in research and also the building of alternative energy plants.

Common or popular alternative forms of energy basically reduce the impact on the planets environment but unfortunately have their own limitations. Let’s now look at what these alternative sources are and their limitations.

Solar Power: The conversion of the suns rays into usable energy namely electricity and using the heat from the sun to provide hot water. Limitations: no sun no energy, this type of energy is excellent if you live in a country where you have long periods of sunshine throughout the year.

Wind Power: Use of the planets natural resource to provide mechanical and electrical energy.

Limitations: no wind no power, very restricted in built up areas more commonly used in open country side and on hills, can be unsightly and noisy if you live near what are now known as wind farms.

Magnetic Generators: Machine using permanent magnetism to generate electricity. Limitations: is a mechanical machine will therefore require maintenance and like all machines can break down if this is your only source of energy you will need a back up.

Geothermal Energy: the use of hot water or steam from within the earth’s interior. Limitations: requires expensive and complicated plant to tap into and use.

Biofuel and Ethanol: substitute for petroleum for powering plant and transport is derived from plants.

Limitations: not commonly available yet.

Hydrogen: used again to power plant and some transport. Limitations: growing concern for the safe use.

Nuclear Power: use mainly to produce electricity in power stations and some forms of transport. Limitations: disposal of the fuel at the end of its life and can be unstable with enormous potential for harm both to mankind and also the planet.…


What Solar Power Equipment Is Required For Your House?

What Solar Power Equipment Is Required For Your House?

Did You know that amazing Sun of ours emits enough energy in one hour to full the consumption needs of the entire planet for a year! The sun possesses massive amounts of energy and gives life to all living things on our planet. The individual organisms use the solar energy in various ways. The plants use the process known as photosynthesis to absorb solar energy to enable food production. Us Humans need it for vitamin E absorption and the generation of electricity through the use of solar power equipment.

To convert solar energy to electricity, the typical solar power equipment makes the use of photovoltaic cells which consist of conductor and semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide and silicon. The individual solar cells are not very efficient so in order to supply enough energy to be useful, a large surface area is required. As well as your solar panels you also will require a battery for storage and an inverter to convert the power generated from direct current(DC) to alternating current (AC) which your house and appliances use. Also a metering system of some sort. The amount of energy generated through your solar power equipment depends on how many solar panels you have and their exposure to the sun. Good placement of the panels is essential for maximum efficiency. Due to the low efficiency of solar generation, most houses utilizing solar power generation use it to only subsidise their power requirements and are still attached to their electricity grid provided by their utility for reliability of supply.

The electricity generated has a wide range of applications from small calculators, cell phone charges and other small items right up to supplying the energy needs of houses and buildings. They are very useful for specialized equipment such as remote communication installations and satellites orbiting the planet. So you see solar energy is a very useful resource.

Our sun is the most abundant energy resource we have, providing sustainable, natural and safe energy unlike any other. So lets stop this pillaging of the Earth for unsustainable fossil fuels and look to the sky for our energy needs.…


Homemade Solar Energy – It’s Shocking What You Could Save!

Homemade Solar Energy – It’s Shocking What You Could Save!

Is your power bill costing you a small fortune?

If it is then I sympathise with you. I recently opened my power bill and was shocked to see that it had risen by over 25%! I did some quick sums, and worked out that if I continue to pay my quarterly power bill for the next 20 years it was going to cost me over $50,000 and that is just at today’s energy prices.

Well I wasn’t going to stand for that and neither should you!

Did you know that as at April 2009, the average US household pays about $110 per month for their power? And this cost is increasing….

As long as we remain solely reliant on the power companies to provide us with our electricity, we will continue to pay excessive amounts for our energy needs.

Well I have a way we can solve this this is it:

Homemade Solar Energy

Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars by installing your own homemade solar energy system? And what’s more it is so simple that anyone can do it.

Here’s how it works:

1. You install a homemade solar energy using online guides which are now readily available to download from the internet. These guides will provide you with all the details you need on how you build your system, where you source the best materials, instructional videos on how you go about installing the system and even how to get connected to the your local power grid. And best of all how you can do all of this cheaply.

2. Once installed your homemade solar energy system will power your day to day appliances, provide for your every day energy needs, and drastically cut your power bill.

3. But it gets better! When you are not consuming any electricity your homemade solar energy system will feed any unused power back into your local power grid. With a system that is connected to the grid you’ll have the security of having local power as a back-up, and best of all, your energy provider will pay you for any excess electricity that your system feeds back into the local power grid.

4. And of course you’re helping the environment by using your own renewable energy.

Obviously everyone’s circumstances are different and it may be that you are not suited to a homemade solar energy system, but isn’t if worth the investment to find out?

So why not do something about your spiralling energy costs. Consider installing your own renewable energy system, help the environment and save money with homemade solar energy.

The power is in your hands!!…


Solar Energy Benefits – 5 Reasons to Convert

Solar Energy Benefits – 5 Reasons to Convert

More and more people are getting into alternative energy sources including the sun’s heat for the solar energy benefits that users can harness from this power source. Surprisingly enough, people are too difficult to convince about switching from the usual power source to alternative, environmentally friendly forms.

So if you are still undecided on which kind of cleaner power sources you should try, here’s a rundown of solar energy benefits to help you decide if this change in lifestyle is for you.

1) Unlimited Source – since the major power source is the heat from the sun, you are not limited on how much energy can be taken from it. No need to worry if the source will run dry.

2) Cleaner Alternative – if you are one of the environmentalists that would like to protect the planet, then this is an energy source for you. In the process of harnessing the power from the sun, no harmful emissions are generated and so lethal effects on the environment is virtually eradicated.

3) Noise Free – aside from eradicating air pollution, noise pollution is also certainly lessened when you harvest power from the sun. Each unit is composed of panels, a battery to store the harvested power and other paraphernalia will never disturb you with irritating noise. Unlike big turbines and generators that can shake your night and of course your sleep, the panels are virtually noise-free.

4) Affordable Equipment – unlike before where panels were too expensive and might allow only a few to purchase them, a wide selection of do it yourself kits are out in the market these days. This gives everybody who is interested equal chances of embarking on this energy source.

5) Home Electricity Savings – since you will be producing your own power, you will actually reduce the amount you spend on your electric bill. By using your own solar panels or wind power generator, you should be able to notice a significant savings as one of your main solar energy benefits. In some locations, you can even sell excess power back to the hydro companies.…


Making Your Own Solar Panels At Home

Making Your Own Solar Panels At Home

Anyone who wants to save money on energy bills should consider building their own solar panels. It seems that everyone is stretching their budgets and trying to make their paychecks go as far as possible. Solar energy is free, and if you try making your own solar panels at home, you can harness this energy to lower those electricity bills.

Anyone who enjoys doing DIY projects will enjoy and appreciate making solar panels. If you have the right tools and equipment, this project can be easily accomplished. While building them was once a technology that was beyond the average individuals reach. However, with more modern advancements, it is now possible to obtain the materials to build this item.

It is always a good idea to start small. Build a small system and then you will get used to the process so that you can more easily build bigger versions.

Many kits are available with all of the necessary materials and instructions to create these solar panels. You can find them in a traditional hardware store or online. Do a little shopping around to come up with the best deal. These kits are usually very easy to

Once established, these panels require very little effort for their upkeep. You will continue to keep reaping the benefits of free energy. The fact that you built the solar panels on your own even saves you more money, as this is usually an investment for most people, but you are cutting costs drastically by building them yourself. Now that you have realized how easy it is to do this, over time consider adding on a panel at a time to your home, until all of your energy needs are cared for solely in this manner. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to keep another source of power hooked up just in case you need to use it.…