Alternative Green Energy For the Home

Alternative Green Energy For the Home

Green energy is about saving money as well as saving the planet. The cost of running a home has increased and will continue to increase, so thousands of people are taking their energy needs and supply into their own hands and are building alternative devices for their homes.

For an Easy Option – Go Wind

The simplest devices that have gained popularity are wind turbines. Wind energy is not just about wind farms, but is about the average household utilizing this simple technology to harness free energy.

For those looking at the overall investment versus the outlay, you will be pleased to hear that you can find very easy step by step instruction online for $19.95. The components that you will need in order to complete the job will cost in the region of $100. The amount of energy that you wind turbine will produce is directly related to the size and the amount of wind that you have.

For the More Adventurous – Go Solar

Solar panels are not difficult to manufacture and will not cost a lot of money. The overall costs include the manuals which retail at around $49.99 and the components cost will run at around $200. For this amount of money you will produce an 80watt solar panel. The cost can be reduced by sourcing ‘broken cells’ which are just as effective, but are not regular in shape.

For the Innovative Types – Go Magnetic

Magnetic generators have become very popular since the launch of the first DIY step by step magnetic generator manual in May, 2009. Sales are exploding and with a money back guarantee on the manual, this is a great diy project for the more innovative DIY enthusiasts. These devices are not reliant on wind or sun and the cost of the manual will set you back around $50 whilst components will cost in the region of $200.

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