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What Solar Power Equipment Is Required For Your House?

What Solar Power Equipment Is Required For Your House?

Did You know that amazing Sun of ours emits enough energy in one hour to full the consumption needs of the entire planet for a year! The sun possesses massive amounts of energy and gives life to all living things on our planet. The individual organisms use the solar energy in various ways. The plants use the process known as photosynthesis to absorb solar energy to enable food production. Us Humans need it for vitamin E absorption and the generation of electricity through the use of solar power equipment.

To convert solar energy to electricity, the typical solar power equipment makes the use of photovoltaic cells which consist of conductor and semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide and silicon. The individual solar cells are not very efficient so in order to supply enough energy to be useful, a large surface area is required. As well as your solar panels you also will require a battery for storage and an inverter to convert the power generated from direct current(DC) to alternating current (AC) which your house and appliances use. Also a metering system of some sort. The amount of energy generated through your solar power equipment depends on how many solar panels you have and their exposure to the sun. Good placement of the panels is essential for maximum efficiency. Due to the low efficiency of solar generation, most houses utilizing solar power generation use it to only subsidise their power requirements and are still attached to their electricity grid provided by their utility for reliability of supply.

The electricity generated has a wide range of applications from small calculators, cell phone charges and other small items right up to supplying the energy needs of houses and buildings. They are very useful for specialized equipment such as remote communication installations and satellites orbiting the planet. So you see solar energy is a very useful resource.

Our sun is the most abundant energy resource we have, providing sustainable, natural and safe energy unlike any other. So lets stop this pillaging of the Earth for unsustainable fossil fuels and look to the sky for our energy needs.