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Looking to Save? Try an Easy to Install Residential Solar Power Kit

Looking to Save? Try an Easy to Install Residential Solar Power Kit

With rising energy costs and the rocky state of our economy, many families are turning to residential solar power to save a few bucks.  A residential solar power kit can make this job easy and affordable.  Many commercial installers can charge thousands of dollars (if not more) to install this at your home.  At that price, it would take you a long time to recoup your costs! 

A residential solar power kit will give you step by step instructions so that even the least handy person can accomplish the installation of your solar power system.  Typically, these kits can be done for just the price of the solar panels and any tools you may need.  There are few, if any, moving parts which is helpful for installation but a bigger advantage of this is that you are installing a low-maintenance system resulting in fewer (if any) repairs over the years. 

Whether you’re looking for a solar power kit to run a few lights in your house, or a whole house system, the money savings will be noticeable!  You could potentially save 80% or more on your electric bill depending on how large of a system you install.  Those savings are huge when combined with a $200 residential solar power kit. 

Another added benefit of a residential solar kit is the impact it has on our environment.  Along with saving ourselves money, we are limiting the number of greenhouse gases we’re producing.  By eliminating the toxic gases that traditional fuels produce, we are making the earth a better place for the plants, us and our future generations. 

The demand for solar panels has increased dramatically over the last three years and it will continue to do so.  The price of the panels has also greatly decreased in that time.  Now is the time to decide whether solar power is right for you – the affordability of installation, the effect on our environment and the long-term energy savings are powerful reasons to do so. 

One last thing to consider when you are debating whether to install a solar energy system at your home is that there is a current tax rebate of 30% (maximum $5,000) from the IRS for installing such a system.  Many states themselves are also offering rebates, you would need to check with your particular state for specifics.  It’s the perfect time to take advantage of these rebates; you will be rewarded for your choice for many years to come.