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Month: January 2021


Use Solar Power at Home

Use Solar Power at Home

Do you want to reduce your heavy monthly bills of electricity?

The solution is simple- use solar panels!

The need to understand the solar energy has become prominent with the raising concern of ‘global-warming’. Scientists have been working hard over this concept and have finally come out with numerous innovations in this field. With the invention of solar cells and solar panels, the alternate solution to the electricity has come into form.

It is important to educate people of the benefits of using these solar devices. Earlier though people were skeptical about the efficiency of the use of solar cells, but now the situation is different. The solar panels are not only good for environment but offer a very cost effective solution to the monthly electricity bills. We need to learn the ways to use these solar panels in daily life.

One should be aware of the fact that: how much is his per month electricity consumption? What appliances are mostly used?

It is also important to find out a suitable location for installing the solar panels. As the roof has a direct exposure to the sun, so the solar panel should ideally be placed here. The installation of these panels is very easy and one can carry out this process at home itself.

The primary aspect to be learnt here is that: where can one use the solar panels effectively!

Thus, in order to become powered by solar, one can start with solar heaters and solar cookers. These devices are extensively used even at large scales. Moreover, the geysers/electrical water heaters etc. are the devices that fetch maximum electricity units when used. So it will be optimal to start with these.

Solar lights and lanterns are also a popular trend. These lights accumulate the energy from the sun throughout the day and can use the stored energy at night for illumination.

Using solar refrigerators, televisions etc are also catching the trends gradually amongst the people. The lack of major players in this segment hasn’t made it popular to the maximum reach. These devices (solar refrigerator and TV) are facing a tough competition from the electrical counterparts. The reason can be the need to upgrade the promotional and advertising strategies.

Then come, solar fans, coolers, calculators, air conditioners and other devices. These instruments have already entered a number of households and are gradually making a swift move to get the maximum reach.

The main advantage to use these devices at home can be to protect the nature! Solar panels reduce the need to generate power from the fossil fuels and reduce the pollution from the environment.…


Solar Energy Home DIY Blueprints – Is It Worth Climbing On My Roof And Installing Solar Panels?

Solar Energy Home DIY Blueprints – Is It Worth Climbing On My Roof And Installing Solar Panels?

It’s not nearly as expensive as you may have heard to build your own solar panels. However, if you want them built for you by a solar company, the price …ridiculous. You can build a solar panel and install it yourself for about $200. But everyday the price of this is dropping since people are finding ways to make it cheaper and more efficient to build their own solar energy home.

People are now making it a weekend project to build solar panels with their friends. It has become a “manly hobby” to build them with some buddies over a weekend, while hanging out with friends and building solar panels. Its not hard to do it either, especially with the company of a few friends. Building them yourself may take a little more time but it is still not hard to do. That’s why you are seeing more and more solar panels all over rooftops across the U.S. these days.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a good plan to build them. Especially if you are not familiar with building them already. You can get online DVD step by step instructions and diagrams easily and for very a very low price to build your solar panel system. The videos are very high quality and are done by a solar panel expert who has a lot of experience building them. The internet has made diy solar installation a breeze compared to what it used to be which was almost non existent unless you were a genius engineer.

A lot of people are curious as to the quality of the solar panels that are diy. Are they durable? Are they weather proof? The answer to both of those questions is yes. Also, most solar panels that you purchase are backed by a 25 year warranty so you’ve got a lot of wear and tear time before you even have to worry about their condition. A solar energy home is an achievable goal for everyone. It makes sense to go solar now a days because there are so many benefits and its not very hard to do.

The number one reason that people are doing it is not because of the “environmental” benefit of owning them, it is actually, the “money saving” benefit of installing them. With the constantly rising price of electricity, people are looking for any and every option to get off of the power grid and not have to worry about taking a punch to the pocket every month it comes time to pay the bills. Solar energy home installation is has become the easiest and fastest way to cut down on the bills, which leaves more money in your pocket to spend on whatever you want!…


Produce Your Own Solar Power Electricity and Get a Monthly Check From Your Utility Company?

Produce Your Own Solar Power Electricity and Get a Monthly Check From Your Utility Company?

What do you need to harvest solar power electricity? Well that depends on what the end goal is.

There are different ways in which to utilize solar power; primarily there are “off grid” systems and “grid tie” systems and a combination of the two.

In a grid tie system, your home is connected to the “grid” (the electrical distribution system), the electricity you produce is fed back into the grid for all to use, typically a special meter is installed that monitors the electricity that you produce and you are paid for the electricity that you feed into the grid.

An off grid system is where you have completely disconnected from the electrical distribution system, relying only on the electricity that you are able to produce yourself.

Both types of systems require the same components that tie the solar power cells together: solar panels (homemade or manufactured), a mounting system to ensure the panels are securely fastened, an inverter or micro inverters to convert the DC (direct current) power that solar power cells generate into the AC (alternating current) electricity we use. Off grid systems require batteries to store the electricity you harvest so it can then be used when the solar panels are not producing the electricity required to power your home (during the evenings and cloudy days). Some people opt to have a hybrid system, and although they are utilizing the grid tie system, they opt to have batteries as a backup during power outages.

If you are considering a solar electric system the first thing you want to do is to check out government programs from your federal, state and local governments as some of these programs will help fund your home solar power project in the way of tax credits and rebates, there are even incentives in some countries that will buy the electricity you produce (at many times the market value).

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a monthly check from your utility company instead of writing one?…


Even Today the Sun Contributes Its Share – Solar Energy

Even Today the Sun Contributes Its Share – Solar Energy

Consumption of energy today is touching the zenith and it is sure to affect the already exhausted natural resources tremendously. This increasing rate of the depletion of fossil fuels is sure to leave nothing for the coming generations and thus the sustainable development and preservation of our natural resources are the need of the day. The government agencies, scientists and other international organizations are leaving no scope today to work out different alternatives for these fossil fuels and make sure that the consumption rate is controlled instantly. If the same rate continues then its sure to bring havoc on earth.

The discovery of solar energy as a potential fuel for the usage of common man came through as the sigh of relief and has brought in a new hope to preserve the fast depleting fuels. It is a very safe alternative to the petroleum products. Various countries today especially the developed nations are investing a lot of money in their solar energy projects. In America solar energy Tucson is one such project which promises a lot of potential for the people of America. The common man is sure to benefit by mammoths through these upcoming projects as they will shift the focus from high prized petroleum products to a much cheaper option that is solar energy.

Harnessing of solar energy today brings in the prospect of a brighter future, free from the pollution free atmosphere of earth which will consequently control other environmental hazards and succeed in providing a more disease resistant life to our future generations.

If you are looking for solar modules Tucson for on-grid and off-grid residential and commercial systems then feel free to look over the internet and choose the best device fulfilling your purpose. The grid maintains the temperature of the surroundings and function efficiently to make sure that the money invested is a not a waste. They are specially designed to deliver the best efficiency.

Various organizations today are investing in the development of solar energy today which is sure to benefit common man. The fossil fuels are firstly highly priced and secondly as mentioned previously they add to the pollution of nature. The solar energy in a way is a constructive way of using the energy of sun and does not involve any harm to nature. The sun for times immortal has been the source of life on earth and even today helps man in all his endeavors.…


Renewable Energy – The Ultimate Ways of Development

Renewable Energy – The Ultimate Ways of Development

Energy is a vitally important sector to every society and economy. It is the motor of productivity everywhere and is the driving force for development. Therefore, every country of the world is trying to utilize its energy resources with highest possible care, caution and foresight for the national benefit, development and for the future generations.

Conventional resources like natural gas, hydro-power, and petroleum are not adequate in many countries. So these cannot gear up the economy of any country for its limited use. Hence the need for trapping alternative energy resources and developing cheaper and renewable energy for our national self-sufficiency and meeting increasing need in future.

Renewable energy is very important for any country of the world as the world solely depends on the natural energy. The availability of natural resources such as gas, coal and petroleum are limited. Today or tomorrow, these resources will come to an end. In order to ensure interrupted supply of energy, the renewable energy is very important

Bio-gas is a promising renewable energy. It is produced generally based on cow dung. This is an easy source of energy and is cheap. It keeps up the environment pollution free. Especially in the rural areas, bio-gas is a perfect source of energy. Tree biomass, agriculture residues, animal wastes etc. are the primary source of renewable energy. In the past, these traditional fuels were available in abundant and was sufficient to meet the demand. But with the increase of population, the total demand is constantly increasing and at the same time clearance of more land for agriculture, cutting trees for brick fields and domestic cooking are adversely affecting the supply of tree biomass.

Solar energy is the best source of renewable energy and may be the best choice of the world in the 21st century. Solar Photo Voltaic may be considered as an alternative. It converts solar energy directly into electricity which can be used in a decentralized way. It can be used for purposes. Fridge, water heater, TV etc can run on solar power.

Wind power is also another prospective source of renewable energy. This power can be used for driving motors for grinding grains, water pumps etc. Wind power is being used for producing energy in some European countries.

Hydro-electric project is one of rising energy sectors. The revering countries have ample opportunity for hydro-electricity. It is safe and time-befitting source of energy. By making huge hydro-electricity project, huge energy can be produced.

In the modern time atomic power station has become a popular and heavy source of energy in many of the countries. Through Uranium enrichment, there produces extreme heat which can be used for producing electricity. Almost all the developed countries of the world have taken some steps to plant atomic power station which can save other costly energy.

In fine, it can be said that renewable energy is very important source of energy. If this energy can be utilized properly, it will certainly contribute a lot towards the development.…


Solar Energy Companies – Moving Forward With Molten Salt Technology

Solar Energy Companies – Moving Forward With Molten Salt Technology

In the light of our global power shortage, it seems that many businesses are looking into the possibility of solar power becoming a household name. With such an infinite supply of energy, it has the highest potential to provide us with an efficient and environmentally safe alternative for electricity.

Solar energy companies of today are currently trying to solve several of the limitations relative to the use of solar power with the expectation that in doing so, the scope of its use can be widened. One of the latest developments has been the discovery of molten salt technology to address the concern of storing enough of the sun’s energy for use during the night and over long periods without sunshine.

Simply put, molten salt refers to salt that is in the liquid phase that should normally be in solid form at standard temperature and pressure. This product has been around for quite some time now and is used in other processes such as the manufacturing of steel and aluminum. But just recently, scientists discovered more of its characteristics that make it applicable and valuable to solar power technology.

These attributes include molten salt’s ability to attain very high temperatures (over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit), conduct electricity, and most importantly, the fact that it has good heat transfer properties.

Two notable solar energy companies in Italy and Spain have banked on this high-tech principle and built concentrated solar power plants that use it. The scientific explanation behind this innovation is that since the molten salts only melt at high temperatures and do not turn to vapor until they get considerably hotter, they can be used to store a lot of the sun’s energy as heat. The molten salts are then situated in proximity to water via a heat exchanger. The hot steam from the water can then be made to turn turbines without losing too much of the originally absorbed solar energy. With this efficient storage of heat and production of energy, the power plants that use this technology can produce enough electricity for almost eight hours after the sun has set.

Another salient point of this breakthrough is that it is environmentally friendly. The components of the salts used are sodium and potassium nitrates–the same elements in fertilizers. This means that even if the power plant were to spring a leak, it would have no consequential negative effect on the environment or human life.

The only drawback of the molten salt technology is the building cost. To be able to maximize the heat storage and generate full electrical capacity, an immense power plant has to be built. The one in Spain is 126 hectares long. Aside from the factory itself, there is additional expense for the molten salt storage tanks. In total, the Andasol 1 power plant in Spain and the Archimede plant in Italy cost around $380 million dollars each.

Despite the expense, molten salt technology remains a quantum leap for scientists and solar energy companies in the aim to bring solar power to a wider population by providing a solution to the challenges related to it.…


Solar Energy – My Vision For 2020

Solar Energy – My Vision For 2020

I envisage solar energy will be Australia’s fastest growing industry and a major source of domestic energy supply by the year 2020. Bold prediction maybe but with the cost of electricity rising every six months why will the average consumer continue to pay exorbitant rates to make a few major energy corporations and their shareholder’s disproportionately wealthy?

The technology for building solar panels at an affordable price is now readily available on the internet where the average tradesperson could kick start an industrial shed revolution and start building, supplying and installing solar panels in their local communities. This is a fast opening value add to any trade business prepared to work through a few teething problems but one that will do three major things:

1) The trade business who bites the bullet and does it will become the market leader in their region and

2) They will make heaps of money because the type of business they could set up has franchising potential.

3) This is the way I see solar power as a preferred and viable alternative energy source for domestic consumption evolving.

If solar power is not going to be owned and subject to market manipulation like has happened since the power sources were privatised in Australia then it is up to us as consumers to find and implement an alternative supplier. As my Grandmother used to say “there is more than one way to skin a cat” and we need to trim the ‘fat cat’ corporations back into caring for humanity again.

For any trade business who wants to grow their business and if they are already working in a competitive market, then they need an extra arrow in their quiver to get them to the top and away from the competition. Building and installing solar panels domestically will do it for them.…