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Solar Energy Home DIY Blueprints – Is It Worth Climbing On My Roof And Installing Solar Panels?

Solar Energy Home DIY Blueprints – Is It Worth Climbing On My Roof And Installing Solar Panels?

It’s not nearly as expensive as you may have heard to build your own solar panels. However, if you want them built for you by a solar company, the price …ridiculous. You can build a solar panel and install it yourself for about $200. But everyday the price of this is dropping since people are finding ways to make it cheaper and more efficient to build their own solar energy home.

People are now making it a weekend project to build solar panels with their friends. It has become a “manly hobby” to build them with some buddies over a weekend, while hanging out with friends and building solar panels. Its not hard to do it either, especially with the company of a few friends. Building them yourself may take a little more time but it is still not hard to do. That’s why you are seeing more and more solar panels all over rooftops across the U.S. these days.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a good plan to build them. Especially if you are not familiar with building them already. You can get online DVD step by step instructions and diagrams easily and for very a very low price to build your solar panel system. The videos are very high quality and are done by a solar panel expert who has a lot of experience building them. The internet has made diy solar installation a breeze compared to what it used to be which was almost non existent unless you were a genius engineer.

A lot of people are curious as to the quality of the solar panels that are diy. Are they durable? Are they weather proof? The answer to both of those questions is yes. Also, most solar panels that you purchase are backed by a 25 year warranty so you’ve got a lot of wear and tear time before you even have to worry about their condition. A solar energy home is an achievable goal for everyone. It makes sense to go solar now a days because there are so many benefits and its not very hard to do.

The number one reason that people are doing it is not because of the “environmental” benefit of owning them, it is actually, the “money saving” benefit of installing them. With the constantly rising price of electricity, people are looking for any and every option to get off of the power grid and not have to worry about taking a punch to the pocket every month it comes time to pay the bills. Solar energy home installation is has become the easiest and fastest way to cut down on the bills, which leaves more money in your pocket to spend on whatever you want!