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Living Off the Grid – Your Vision Can Be Realized

Living Off the Grid – Your Vision Can Be Realized

Living off the grid is a dream for lots people. The idea of being able to reduce the damage being done to the earth and to be able to live in accord with the natural environment and at the same time to have more affordable energy bills would be amazing.

The main impediment to many people realizing their vision of using only alternative energy is the cost, which means being able to come up with the money is outside the scope of many households, as well there is the question of where to start? Well just continue and we will answer your questions.

To start let us remind ourselves of the cost of an integrated solar and wind turbine retail system, planned and fitted for you commercially it would be in the region of twenty five thousand to around thirty thousand dollars.

OK! I will just give you a moment to catch your breath, before I proceed to explain that in the last few years there has been a terrific growth in the know how available to you that will allow you to make your own DIY green energy systems at a small percentage of the retail cost. There are lots of online kits that will show you with step by step instructions, using lots of parts from the local hardware store. So by doing the initial planning – following the guides, utilizing the your new found know-how – from the guides, the capacity to source parts at low prices – from the guides, and using your own labor – following the guides, will enable you to save $1000’s on your build and installation costs, when you use the info kits.

I have placed links through my site at the bottom of the page, to some of the best kits obtainable for instant download, they all have money back guarantees, so you cannot loose. They all include step by step written instructions, video footage enabling you actually see how a thingamabob looks like and how to fit it, wiring plans, wind charts, Energy Tax Rebate forms, parts lists, advice on where to buy the parts, online help desk and did I mention a money back guarantee.

So let’s get started with your dream of “living off the grid”.

Ease of construction – The wind and solar energy building and fitting instructions must be in plain English with simple logical step by step guides that people with restricted or no previous know-how will be able to understand. Online help desk for any queries you could have with the build.

Good Energy Savings – The recommended Information packs all give considerable energy savings.

Affordable and Realistic costing – I have endeavored to make sure that every product gets you to an entry level system for as little as $150. So you can begin to make a contribution to your energy usage with your new zero cost energy and expand it at your own speed utilizing the savings you will make, until you reach the stage when you are “living off the grid”.

Money Back Guarantee* – The guides publishers’ must all offer a one hundred percent “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

*I have recommended only information packs with a cast iron money back guarantee, I do not believe that, once you see the quality, you will need the guarantee, but it IS there if you decide for whatever reason to return the product.

I look forward to hearing from you when you get your system up and running and hopefully you will be “living off the grid.”