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Solar Energy – My Vision For 2020

Solar Energy – My Vision For 2020

I envisage solar energy will be Australia’s fastest growing industry and a major source of domestic energy supply by the year 2020. Bold prediction maybe but with the cost of electricity rising every six months why will the average consumer continue to pay exorbitant rates to make a few major energy corporations and their shareholder’s disproportionately wealthy?

The technology for building solar panels at an affordable price is now readily available on the internet where the average tradesperson could kick start an industrial shed revolution and start building, supplying and installing solar panels in their local communities. This is a fast opening value add to any trade business prepared to work through a few teething problems but one that will do three major things:

1) The trade business who bites the bullet and does it will become the market leader in their region and

2) They will make heaps of money because the type of business they could set up has franchising potential.

3) This is the way I see solar power as a preferred and viable alternative energy source for domestic consumption evolving.

If solar power is not going to be owned and subject to market manipulation like has happened since the power sources were privatised in Australia then it is up to us as consumers to find and implement an alternative supplier. As my Grandmother used to say “there is more than one way to skin a cat” and we need to trim the ‘fat cat’ corporations back into caring for humanity again.

For any trade business who wants to grow their business and if they are already working in a competitive market, then they need an extra arrow in their quiver to get them to the top and away from the competition. Building and installing solar panels domestically will do it for them.