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Solar Energy System – Free

Solar Energy System – Free

With the cost of producing energy continuing to climb, many Americans are asking themselves and their government what can be done to change this scenario. Americans already suffering from a lasting recession can no longer endure high electricity costs.

The Earth is suffering from the effects of a hundred years of crude oil and coal power being used to create energy. Could not both these problems be solved at one time? The answer is yes. There are two options that can be used to reduce the need for oil and coal, and their associated pollution. Solar and wind power could effectively reduce the cost of power to consumers and the need to pump oil or burn coal. The benefits of solar power are obvious.

The sun generates enough power to heat the planet each day. Harnessing that power to create electricity has already been accomplished. However, the cost to retrofit a home or business with enough solar panels to take them off the grid is very expensive. It would cost an average home owner over $30,000 to convert their home, and that is too much money for too many people. The government could issue tax credits, however, as most people know, these credits do little to help with the cost of anything. They could offer low interest loans for the purchase and installation of these products. This is a very good reason for the government to grant loans.

The amount saved each month on paying utility bills could easily pay for a loan. Solar power costs approximately.45 per kilowatt hour to run for the home owner. Power from an electric company can range between 5 and 7 dollars per hour. The second option is that the government could make wind energy more accessible. They could do this by either funding the construction of wind turbines, or freeing up the blockades that so many wind companies face when trying to build a power plant.

On average, energy produced by wind turbines costs about.04 per kilowatt hour to generate – a savings that would benefit all. There are things that can be done to save the planet and reduce the cost of living to citizens of America. It is time for the government to honestly look at these alternative energy sources, and act accordingly.