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Solar Power Electricity Can Eliminate Your Power Bill

Solar Power Electricity Can Eliminate Your Power Bill

Most people already know that adding a solar energy system to your home can reduce your electricity bill considerably. However, many people do not realize that solar power electricity can eliminate your power bill all together. I am not making this up at all; in fact there are many people who are already living “off the grid” and even some who are getting paid by the power company because they are creating more power than they need!

My family installed a solar energy system on our house approximately 2 years ago; within 2 months the system had paid for itself in savings. Solar power electricity systems used to be a complex, expensive, and bulky; these days you can actually build a professional solar electricity system yourself. This is exactly what I did without having any electrical or solar energy knowledge. The time of solar power electricity not being economical is over. Previously you would not see a return on your investment for many years, however with the technological advances in solar panels and batteries you can now build your own custom solar electric plant cheap enough to see it pay for itself and save you enough money for a nice vacation within your first year!

Right now, about two thirds of my family’s electricity is supplemented with solar power electricity. This means my electricity bill dropped by 2/3, and soon we will install a second panel and not have to pay the electric company at all! I am completely blown away with how affordable solar power electricity is and I expect that many more people will be adding a solar energy system to their homes as more and more people find out that they too can be rid of the power company.

It is a great feeling knowing that we are producing our own energy with solar power electricity and are no longer paying expensive energy bills every month. The best part is since I have installed my system and started blabbing about it to all the neighbors, 7 other houses on our street have added their own systems! My goal is to get my entire street using solar electricity!