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Month: June 2014

1000 Watt

1000 Watt Solar Panel

Cost Effective 1000 watt solar panel Energy Equipment

If we ask people what is the actual source of energy then many of them will be saying that 1000 watt solar panel energy is the energy which directly comes from the sun and hits the earth. These sun rays provide us warmth and are a reliable resource to save our money. Most of us are unaware of the fact that it is one of the most effective purified resources which is free from all hassles. It is cost effective as we are not required to invest a single penny because it is a blessing from God’s created resource, the Sun.
The thing which is not cost effective is its installation and the poles that are going to be used to grab the energy from the sun. You might feel it costly but as the time will pass by you will find them better than other options available in the markets. For example, if you have electric heaters then you are required to pay monthly bills after using them. But through 1000 watt solar panel energy, you can enjoy the facilities throughout your life time by just investing once. Many automobile industries are making use of sun rays for their cars by placing an antenna on the roof of the car so that all the energy can be collected in order to move it properly. This is saving fuel for the people and it is also helping them indirectly in order to live in a healthy environment.

Which is serving the purpose of solar energy

In order to avoid any misfortune, it is imperative to know about the product that is available in the market which is serving the purpose of 1000 watt solar panel energy. These solar poles are helping you to keep your home warm. The lights are also being charged by sun rays which are also helping people to save money and electricity bills. It is advised to use solar energy in the long run as everything is getting expensive day by day and this is something free to use. In order to store the warmth of the sunlight, it is important to close the doors in the day time so that the house can retain some amount of heat till the night.
With the application of some tools, you can retain the solar energy effectively in your home by yourself. For your water heaters, just try to use metals that are black in color as black absorbs sunlight more as compared to other colors. So in a nutshell solar panel cleaning energy is found everywhere and it is quite economical.…

Solar Installation

1kw Solar Panel

Solar Panel Information – Top 10 Myths – Photovoltaic and Thermal 1kw solar panel

Top 10 Solar Panel Myths
You need at least 10,000 to gain any financial benefit from 1kw solar panel.
The Government has recently announced that the Renewable Heat Incentive plan will be going ahead from early 2011. This means that you can earn money with (cheaper) hot water panels rather than just electricity solar panels. These systems cost from 3,000 to 5,000, and the expected amount you’d earn through the RHI would be 400, along with approximately 50 of bill savings. Therefore this represents a much smaller investment, yet maintaining a very high rate of return, so the system will pay itself off.

You need a directly South-facing roof.

South is the best way for your roof to face, but it is still possible to put the 1kw solar panel on any orientation of roof. The investment will offer a greater return the closer to South-facing your roof is, but it is still very profitable with a SW or SE facing roof.
You need a huge roof and a big detached property to provide enough space.
Modern solar panel systems are up to 4 times as efficient as those first released in the 1970s. Very little roof space is needed – just 3 to 4 square metres (ie a 2m by 2m square) of space is needed (with unobstructed sunlight). If you do have a larger roof, a larger system can be installed which means that whilst the set up would be more expensive, you would earn more money through the Feed in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive. However, even a small system can generate a lot of electricity with just 4 square metres of roof space available.

They have to go on your roof.

If you have suitable space in your garden (several unshaded square metres), then the 1kw solar panel can be set up there, with a buried cable carrying the electricity to your house. Some people may wish to do this to preserve the appearance of their property, although part of the design of modern solar systems is to make sure they look sleek and do not detract from the property. A lot of people actually like the way the look – they send out a message that you care about the environment.

They won’t provide a significant amount of electricity.

Wrong! Photovoltaic systems provide ample electricity throughout the day, with household PV systems generally ranging from 1.8kW to 4kW. They can’t store electricity, so at night you will need to use your regular electricity supplier, but if you don’t use the electricity that you generate during the day, it will be sold back to the main grid. Basically, if you’re in during the day, you can make big savings on your electricity bills, if you’re out during the day, you can make big payments through the Feed in Tariff.
They won’t produce any electricity if it’s cloudy or poor weather.
Clouds do not significantly impact the amount of energy that the solar panels generate.Indeed, the UK gets around 60% of the UV energy as the equator, despite our difficult climate! 100 watt solar panel are used on many crucial systems, such as road signs, airport landing lights, and so on. This also demonstrates their reliability – they have no moving parts, and will last for years and years, with most systems coming with a 25 year guarantee.

They’ll go wrong all the time and will cost a fortune.

Solar panels have no moving parts. They are renowned for being very robust and reliable, hence most will come with a 25 year guarantee, which is how long you are eligible to receive the Feed in Tariff payments.
The government will probably scrap the Feed-in-Tariff in a couple of years anyway.
If you buy solar panels now, you are guaranteed the payments for the whole of the 25 year period offered through the Feed in Tariff. Certainly, the government may reduce or even remove the Feed in Tariff in the future, but if you already have the system in place, then your payments will be unaffected. The Feed in Tariff payments are also index linked, so they will rise if inflation rises so you won’t lose at. The amount your receive is also tax free, so they are very attractive if you pay a lot of income tax!

They will make it hard to sell the house.

It is generally accepted that solar panels can dramatically increase your property’s value. This is because firstly anyone moving into your property will get a big reduction in their bills. If you have installed PV panels, and are still within the 25 year Feed in Tariff period, then the new owners of the property would make 850 …

Solar Installation

Solar Energy International

Three Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About Solar Energy International

If you’re interested in building Solar Energy International panels, you must have read a fair bit regarding the setup and assembly of a complete solar power system. You may even have some hands-on experience building one from scratch. However I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard these three tips I am about to …
These tips can help you get better yield from the sunshine you are receiving and lower the cost of your project.

Tip #1: Cover With Anti-Reflective Glass

To generate more electricity, we need to have more sunlight penetrate the glass covering of the Solar Energy International panel rather than reflect it away. If you have put together a photo frame, you will know that there are two types of glass – normal, reflective glass and anti-reflective glass. Using anti-reflective glass helps more sunlight pass through the glass covering. When more radiation reaches the solar (photovoltaic) cells, more solar energy is converted.

Tip #2: Angle Your Solar Panel

Many hobbyists position their Solar Energy International panels parallel to the ground. As such leaves and debris tends to stay on the glass surface. This obviously blocks sunlight from reaching the solar cells. The simplest way to prevent this is to angle your solar panel during installation. Leaves and debris will then slide off the solar panel easily and precipitation can move to the side of the panel easily.

Tip #3: Join Broken Cells Together

Broken solar energy world cells are much cheaper than joined cells. You can dramatically reduce the cost of your project by joining broken photovoltaic cells together. With a little practice, you will get skillful at this…enough to wonder why aren’t more people doing this. In fact, there are many suppliers who will be happy to sell you broken solar cells at unbelievable prices. So take advantage of it.
If you take these three tips and implement them, your DIY solar panel will almost certainly be producing more power. The cost of your project will also become much more affordable.…