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Month: February 2021


Learn To Build Your Own Solar Panel System – 3 Great Reasons Why

Learn To Build Your Own Solar Panel System – 3 Great Reasons Why

Solar energy is a new power source that has great potential for use in homes. It can provide a large amount of cheap green energy once the panels have been setup. This will help you to drastically cut down your electric bill. They can also be made very cheaply, if you learn to build your own solar panel system.

In many homes solar power has become a popular source of energy. People who have their own panels are making the most out of the sun’s light. When the sun’s rays hit the panel the energy from it is converted into electrical power. This power can be used to provide energy to everything in your house. Like many others if you learn to build your own solar panel system you will be saving hundred of dollars on your electricity bill every month.

There are many good advantages to using solar energy for power in your home. Besides some of the common reasons like helping to save the environment and tax rebates there are other great reasons to use solar power for your home. Below are 3 great reasons why you should learn to build your own solar panel system. These are the major factors to consider whether you want to create your own diy panels.

Reason #1- The first reason why you should make your own panels is because of all the savings to your electric bill. This is probably the most common and most convincing reason why people create their own panels. Without a bill or with a reduced energy bill you can put that money toward something more useful rather than paying your electric company.

Reason #2- The second reason why you should create your own is to add value to your home. The panels would be an asset to include with your house because if you ever decide to sell it you can sell the panels with it. Adding solar energy panels to your house will raise to it’s value, which is good news for anyone who was hit by the 2008 housing crisis.

Reason #3- The third and final reason on why should use diy solar power for your house rather than buy it from an electric company is because you will never have to worry about a rising electric bill. This can really take a burden off of your back because you will no longer have to worry about electricity cost rising.…


Green Energy – Wind Or Solar For Home

Green Energy – Wind Or Solar For Home

Green energy is one of the hottest topics today when discussing how to help with our world wide problem of non- renewable energy. The ability to reduce our home energy costs will help with the use of many of the non-renewable energy sources. We now have many solar home systems and wind powered systems that are available. These systems often will have a pretty hefty upfront cost but will pay for themselves in many different ways. When solar energy is being gathered on a home system and nobody is home, that energy is being credited to the home owner.

In other words the electric company is actually buying back the energy you are not using. What a wonderful thing to see the electric meter spinning backwards and giving you credits with the electrical company. This can be the same instance for wind power. You can actually dramatically reduce your energy costs. At the same time you are doing your part for a cleaner and more responsible way to approach using renewable versus the non renewable sources of energy in our world. By investigating these alternative sources we are in step with the goals our world is trying to achieve and that is to become a “greener place.”

By taking a look at the green energy alternatives for our homes we can all look to do our part in helping get to a more reasonable way of using our resources and get away from the careless attitudes toward our planet that we have shown over the last several decades. We all need to do our part to help preserve our wonderful world and abandon the ways we have been ruining our planet. Since this green energy movement is gaining momentum there have been many people busy devising new ways to capture energy. One of Hollywood’s long time stars Ed Begley Jr., has been a “green” fanatic for years. He actually has a stationary bike hooked up to a device which will power some of the smaller appliances in his home when he rides the bike.

He toasts his toast in the morning by riding his bike. He is one of those guys who actually “walks the walk”. His methods may be considered extreme but he is pretty inspirational about how he truly pays attention to our earth and how he lightens his load while here. I think in today’s world and economy the idea of home energy and green energy is rapidly growing and here to stay. These renewable energy options are available to all of us and will not just benefit us, but will help diminish some of the problems we have created along our way.…


Solar Power in Remote Areas

Solar Power in Remote Areas

For the purpose of this discussion, a remote area is one at which the power grid has not yet arrived.

Most folks think that electricity is available where ever you go, and for the most part that is quite true. Yet, even in these ultra modern times, there are still many places the grid has not reached. And to make matters even worse – if you want to get grid power pushed through to a new area – the cost has become excessive. We’re not talking about a few hundred yards off the grid, that is tolerable. But even a mile or two away and the costs jump into the tens of thousands of dollars.

This is where a stand alone power system really shines. The overall cost of such a system will usually be far less than the cost of running transmission lines. But that is not the only advantage.

The reliability which such systems have achieved surpasses even that of the grid. Actually, when you think about that, the grid is anything but reliable what with the constant power outages everyone experiences.

Have you ever wondered how some of the navigation light systems function far away from land? Solar power. It’s the same thing with many of the remote microwave repeater stations. Solar power. The list goes on.

My own house qualifies as a remote location, being – as it is – on a small island without grid powered electricity. Yet we are able to have completely reliable 120V AC power year round.

There really is no secret to it. For those of us living with solar energy, it is just something we are used to. We set up our bank of solar panels, buy a suitable battery bank and an inverter and we’re in business.

As we speak, I am typing this on my solar energy powered computer. My wife is busy watching her solar energy powered big screen TV. Whatever electrical gadgets we have here, they are all run by solar power.

The real beauty of many remote areas is that they are, well…remote. Peace and quiet abounds. There is a certain appeal about that to some people, particularly knowing that the sun will give us power to run whatever we like.

Do you think you might like to latch on to some remote property? Perhaps have your own solar system? You can find out how to do that by visiting here now.…


Free Solar Cells

Free Solar Cells

People who are considering using solar panels in their homes need to know a thing or two about photovoltaic. The need to acquaint one’s self about its ins and outs is of great significance most especially if you want to transfer to this source of renewable energy. Solar cells play an important role in the process. The needs to understand the role of these cells in absorbing the sun’s energy and transforming it into something that can brighten your home, switch on your fridge, make your cell phone work and so on.

Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells. Clearly, this is a device used in converting sunlight into usable electricity. An electric current is generated from the particles of light that is absorbed by the semiconductor when electrons collide with the photons inside. The attraction and repulsion of the electrons that move and fill the gaps in semiconductors of a solar generator is then transformed and becomes a good source of electricity.

A group of solar cells that produces electricity is called a solar panel or solar module because the joining of solar cells is referred to as a module. If one wants to produce more electricity, more solar panels is required. A group of solar panels connected with each other becomes a solar array. The rule is simple when it comes to solar energy, if you want more power, a larger solar panel required. If you have small power needs, small solar panel is then needed.

Solar technology seems to have nowhere to go but up. Many people are now considering the use and applicability of solar energy not only on their calculators but their homes too. Demand for solar cells is significantly increased over the years. In the near future, this commonly perceived as an expensive method of electricity generation will ultimately be the choice of the masses because its production costs are expected to reduce drastically.…


How to Use Solar Energy For Your House and Start Creating Your Own Free Electricity

How to Use Solar Energy For Your House and Start Creating Your Own Free Electricity

There are many individuals out there that want to know how they can save more money. Most of the time the first place they turn to is their large energy bill.

By learning how to use solar energy for your house you will be able to generate your own electricity and cut your energy bill by at least %60. This is the main reason why most homeowners are interested in learning more about solar energy. They have recognized the benefits a solar system can provide their household.

A solar energy system works by using solar panels to capture energy that the sun generates and then converting it into useful power which can be used to power your home. The best part about it is that the energy you use from the sun is free.

It’s easy to put together your own solar system as long as you have some expert information to follow. You can either get a professional step by step guide to show you how to put your solar system together or you can go out and buy a pre-made solar system.

The pre-made solar systems are convenient but they are also expensive. So if you are on a budget then constructing your own system from scratch will be your best option and getting professional information from a do-it-yourself guide will make your solar system project a lot easier.

Once you begin using solar energy for your house you will see why it is the most popular alternative energy available. These solar systems will help you to reduce or eliminate your energy bill and they run quietly while producing no harmful substances into the atmosphere.…


Solar Power Electricity – Did You Realize This?

Solar Power Electricity – Did You Realize This?

Right now there are two principal methods utilized to produce solar power electricity. One way is known as the concentrated technique, this is where the the suns energy can be used to heat water and that is changed to steam and used to turn a turbine to produce electricity. Another method is the photovoltaic (PV) method. When using the PV process, solar cells take the the sun’s rays and change it directly into solar electricity. The PV solar generator is the method most often used to supply power to industry, businesses as well as for home solar power systems.

In this discussion we are going to focus on the PV solar power power generator. Lots of people have used the solar energy hand calculators at work or home. These are powered by the identical kind of cells which power many different businesses and homes all around the world, only a scaled-down version is used in the calculators.

The photovoltaic cells are constructed with treated silicon that is found in computer systems as well as other electronic equipment. In the PV cells a small layer of the silicon is used to create an electrical field that is charged positive on one side and negatively charged on the opposite.

Once the rays of the sun contact the surface area of the solar cells, electrons contained in the natural light are knocked loose. These electrons travel from one side to the other of the silicon prepared electric field. The flow of all these electrons is what we call electricity.

The movement of electricity is caught by what are called conductors which are affixed to both the positive and negative sides on the cell. Cells are linked together to make what is known as a module. A number of modules are connected to make an array. The arrays usually are attached near or on structures to create solar powered energy electricity. The more electrical energy that is necessary the larger the array must be to generate the necessary level of solar electricity.

As soon as solar energy electrical power is created by the PV cell solar generator it is in the form of direct current (DC) electricity. The type of electricity which can be used in our homes is alternating current (AC). A device called a solar power inverter must be used to convert the DC electricity into AC electricity. After being transformed to alternating current the solar electricity is routed by way of the main breaker box into the home. The electrical power then enables you to power your lights, washer and dryer along with all of your various other electric power gadgets and gizmos.

Photo voltaic electricity is now a increasingly popular type of alternative energy utilized by millions of people globally. Solar power electricity can dramatically decrease the amount paid for electrical power as well as it creates clean energy. Federal and local governments in numerous nations around the world are offering generous tax incentives to those who choose to use solar power electricity in their homes and businesses.…


Solar Energy – The Futuristic Source of Energy

Solar Energy – The Futuristic Source of Energy

Almost all the non-renewable sources of energy are progressing towards a state of exhaustion. If we do not harness the power of the renewable sources to their maximum potential, we may face severe consequences in the future. This is why it has become essential to identify and explore the renewable sources of energy, such as solar energy. The sun is probably the biggest reason behind the existence of our planet.

However, there are certain challenges associated with harnessing solar power in an optimal fashion. For instance, the following three questions arise when you first think about utilizing solar power:

• Earth receives only a minuscule amount of sun’s energy. How can the heat reception and utilization at our planet be maximized?

• We receive the solar radiations only during the day. How can we make up for the energy to last through the night?

• Even after all the evolutions in technology to harness solar power, we can still only manage to use the energy falling on a given surface. How can we concentrate all this energy at one specific spot?

All these questions compel us to think about the future of solar power. Many researchers have predicted that solar energy is the energy of future, and will soon be available as a fully competitive energy source along with the present sources.

Solar Energy Today

In the current scenario, solar electricity is mainly generated using solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) cells in a home solar system. In a home solar system, solar panels simply convert sunlight into electricity, which is then supplied further. The main drawbacks associated with the solar panels of the past were the efficiency and the absence of power in the night. However, recent developments in solar panels have resulted in increased efficiency of the solar panels as well as made it possible to produce limited amounts of electricity even during the night.

Solar Energy Future

Solar panels are now globally used in the home-based solar systems as well as for commercial purposes. One of the main reasons for growing popularity of home solar systems is the guarantee that comes with the solar panels. These solar panels guarantee to offer you the continuous power supply for 25 years. Also, the government incentive schemes run by several state government become a motivating factor behind using solar power.

It may still take a while until we can completely depend on solar energy for our power requirements. However, with the present rate of fossil fuel consumption, more and more people are turning towards the sun as the ultimate source of energy.…


Looking For Reasons to Build Solar Panels? Check Out Some of the Benefits

Looking For Reasons to Build Solar Panels? Check Out Some of the Benefits

There are countless benefits when you create a green home. Most see a decrease in their utility bill after making small changes. It is so easy to power your home with energy from solar or wind, replacing part of the power currently used with clean energy. Here are a few of the benefits of using renewable energy for your home.

Most families use more energy than they think. The average living space for most people is powered using nonrenewable sources, like coal or oil. These fossil fuels are the dirtiest, creating pollution from extraction to consumption. The technology for clean coal is currently in development and oil refining is primarily unchanged. Switching over to renewable energy now makes it possible to stop the dependency on fossil fuels.

Renewable energy by its definition is beneficial. Once the energy is used, it is replaced. Nor does it add to the problem of climate change. No pollution is created and sent to the atmosphere. Once the costs are considered, they are a low cost investment.

Buying one of these systems at a retail price can be expensive, but is easy to purchase. The federal government, and some states, are offering tax credits and tax rebates for those who have added these technologies to their home. You can easily contact a representative from the government for specific information.

There are many simple things to do to be more green. In the winter, turn the thermostat down and put on another sweater. Make sure the lights have all been turned out, especially if no one is in the room. Replace old bulbs with LED or fluorescent bulbs to reduce the costs of your utilities.

Take the extra steps to increase the energy output created by your own renewable source. It is pretty easy to do a green energy DIY project. It is possible for people with hardly any building experience to make a solar panel or wind turbine. You can find step by step instructions with a manual, pictures, or tutorial on the internet, in specialty books and magazines, and at the local home improvement store.

These are just a few of the benefits of using renewable energy for your home. The financial benefits come through saving money on your utilities and through tax incentives. You will also know you are no longer contributing to the problem of climate change, but are trying to be part of the solution. If the feeling like you have saved a part of the world is not enough, just look at the positive impact you will have by educating your community, friends, and family. Certainly, that is the greatest of all benefits.…