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Solar Power in Remote Areas

Solar Power in Remote Areas

For the purpose of this discussion, a remote area is one at which the power grid has not yet arrived.

Most folks think that electricity is available where ever you go, and for the most part that is quite true. Yet, even in these ultra modern times, there are still many places the grid has not reached. And to make matters even worse – if you want to get grid power pushed through to a new area – the cost has become excessive. We’re not talking about a few hundred yards off the grid, that is tolerable. But even a mile or two away and the costs jump into the tens of thousands of dollars.

This is where a stand alone power system really shines. The overall cost of such a system will usually be far less than the cost of running transmission lines. But that is not the only advantage.

The reliability which such systems have achieved surpasses even that of the grid. Actually, when you think about that, the grid is anything but reliable what with the constant power outages everyone experiences.

Have you ever wondered how some of the navigation light systems function far away from land? Solar power. It’s the same thing with many of the remote microwave repeater stations. Solar power. The list goes on.

My own house qualifies as a remote location, being – as it is – on a small island without grid powered electricity. Yet we are able to have completely reliable 120V AC power year round.

There really is no secret to it. For those of us living with solar energy, it is just something we are used to. We set up our bank of solar panels, buy a suitable battery bank and an inverter and we’re in business.

As we speak, I am typing this on my solar energy powered computer. My wife is busy watching her solar energy powered big screen TV. Whatever electrical gadgets we have here, they are all run by solar power.

The real beauty of many remote areas is that they are, well…remote. Peace and quiet abounds. There is a certain appeal about that to some people, particularly knowing that the sun will give us power to run whatever we like.

Do you think you might like to latch on to some remote property? Perhaps have your own solar system? You can find out how to do that by visiting here now.