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Renewable Energy – The Ultimate Ways of Development

Renewable Energy – The Ultimate Ways of Development

Energy is a vitally important sector to every society and economy. It is the motor of productivity everywhere and is the driving force for development. Therefore, every country of the world is trying to utilize its energy resources with highest possible care, caution and foresight for the national benefit, development and for the future generations.

Conventional resources like natural gas, hydro-power, and petroleum are not adequate in many countries. So these cannot gear up the economy of any country for its limited use. Hence the need for trapping alternative energy resources and developing cheaper and renewable energy for our national self-sufficiency and meeting increasing need in future.

Renewable energy is very important for any country of the world as the world solely depends on the natural energy. The availability of natural resources such as gas, coal and petroleum are limited. Today or tomorrow, these resources will come to an end. In order to ensure interrupted supply of energy, the renewable energy is very important

Bio-gas is a promising renewable energy. It is produced generally based on cow dung. This is an easy source of energy and is cheap. It keeps up the environment pollution free. Especially in the rural areas, bio-gas is a perfect source of energy. Tree biomass, agriculture residues, animal wastes etc. are the primary source of renewable energy. In the past, these traditional fuels were available in abundant and was sufficient to meet the demand. But with the increase of population, the total demand is constantly increasing and at the same time clearance of more land for agriculture, cutting trees for brick fields and domestic cooking are adversely affecting the supply of tree biomass.

Solar energy is the best source of renewable energy and may be the best choice of the world in the 21st century. Solar Photo Voltaic may be considered as an alternative. It converts solar energy directly into electricity which can be used in a decentralized way. It can be used for purposes. Fridge, water heater, TV etc can run on solar power.

Wind power is also another prospective source of renewable energy. This power can be used for driving motors for grinding grains, water pumps etc. Wind power is being used for producing energy in some European countries.

Hydro-electric project is one of rising energy sectors. The revering countries have ample opportunity for hydro-electricity. It is safe and time-befitting source of energy. By making huge hydro-electricity project, huge energy can be produced.

In the modern time atomic power station has become a popular and heavy source of energy in many of the countries. Through Uranium enrichment, there produces extreme heat which can be used for producing electricity. Almost all the developed countries of the world have taken some steps to plant atomic power station which can save other costly energy.

In fine, it can be said that renewable energy is very important source of energy. If this energy can be utilized properly, it will certainly contribute a lot towards the development.