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Homemade Solar Energy – It’s Shocking What You Could Save!

Homemade Solar Energy – It’s Shocking What You Could Save!

Is your power bill costing you a small fortune?

If it is then I sympathise with you. I recently opened my power bill and was shocked to see that it had risen by over 25%! I did some quick sums, and worked out that if I continue to pay my quarterly power bill for the next 20 years it was going to cost me over $50,000 and that is just at today’s energy prices.

Well I wasn’t going to stand for that and neither should you!

Did you know that as at April 2009, the average US household pays about $110 per month for their power? And this cost is increasing….

As long as we remain solely reliant on the power companies to provide us with our electricity, we will continue to pay excessive amounts for our energy needs.

Well I have a way we can solve this this is it:

Homemade Solar Energy

Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars by installing your own homemade solar energy system? And what’s more it is so simple that anyone can do it.

Here’s how it works:

1. You install a homemade solar energy using online guides which are now readily available to download from the internet. These guides will provide you with all the details you need on how you build your system, where you source the best materials, instructional videos on how you go about installing the system and even how to get connected to the your local power grid. And best of all how you can do all of this cheaply.

2. Once installed your homemade solar energy system will power your day to day appliances, provide for your every day energy needs, and drastically cut your power bill.

3. But it gets better! When you are not consuming any electricity your homemade solar energy system will feed any unused power back into your local power grid. With a system that is connected to the grid you’ll have the security of having local power as a back-up, and best of all, your energy provider will pay you for any excess electricity that your system feeds back into the local power grid.

4. And of course you’re helping the environment by using your own renewable energy.

Obviously everyone’s circumstances are different and it may be that you are not suited to a homemade solar energy system, but isn’t if worth the investment to find out?

So why not do something about your spiralling energy costs. Consider installing your own renewable energy system, help the environment and save money with homemade solar energy.

The power is in your hands!!