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Homemade Solar Energy – Durability and Cost

Homemade Solar Energy – Durability and Cost

More and more homes are taking advantage of solar energy. If you have been thinking of installing a system in your home and have been put off by the high prices of buying, then you may well be interested in building your own. Homemade Solar Energy works just as well as any manufactured system and will cost you a fraction of the price.

How much will you need to spend?

If you are starting this project with no tools at home and with absolutely no experience, you will need to buy the manual and a few basic tools. The overall cost if you have a well equipped workshop could be less than $60 with the majority of the costs being for solar cells. The best online instruction manuals will cost you no more than $50. For those starting from scratch, you will need a soldering kit and paintbrushes as well as a saw which means that you will have to outlay around $250, but every panel build thereafter will be just a small investment.

Once you build one, how long will it last?

Manufacturers state that the lifespan of a solar panel is around 30 years. Although there is a misconception that homemade panels don’t work as well or last as long, this is not true. People who have the ability to build panels have the ability to maintain them. This means that without any further investment, you can maintain them and ensure that they last longer. It is true that the effectiveness of the panels will decrease as the lifespan lengthens, but many diy enthusiasts have managed to maintain them for decades without any major loss in energy production.