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How To Install Do It Yourself Solar Panels For Home

How To Install Do It Yourself Solar Panels For Home

Lots of people are ditching the power grid and taking advantage of natural solar power for their private consumption. At the beginning, solar energy was accessible to wealthy industrial and domestic consumers because of its high price. But nowadays technological innovation makes it’s cheap to normal domestic consumers too.

Average consumers are choosing the DIY solar energy panels to reduce their rising electricity expenditures. But, many people are unaware of main types of solar panels? How they can build their own solar panel? What are the benefits of solar panels? You will easily find answers of your all questions in this article.

Types of Solar Panels

The main types of DIY panels are as follows:

A� Mono Silicon Panels

Mono silicon panels are costly as compared to the other type of panels, but they are considered to be most efficient and effective panels for residential use. They are made of silicon and work proficiently in low light conditions.

A� Multi Silicon Panels

Multi silicon panels generate less electricity than the mono silicon panel. You can easily get these panels at low prices. Multi Silicon panels can be suggested for consumers who are price conscious.

A� Amorphous Panels

These are molten silicon coated panels and less efficient than other types. These are very popular among consumers because these are shadow protected panels. These panels are cheaper than above two mentioned panels.

Build DIY Solar Panels at Home

It has turned out to be much easier to develop a solar Panel at home. Solar cells can be found on the internet at cheap prices and can be bought in an offer of 72 cells with a diode that make sure unidirectional energy circulation. The complete deal with extra wire connections to connect can be obtained for about $100. The frame required to keep the solar panel is not difficult to create with plywood or you can easily buy it from any market at very affordable price of $40. If you create the entire panel buy your own self, you would easily save $350 to $500 comparing the manufacturing company’s cost.

The benefits of DIY Solar Panels:

DIY solar power panels can be installed at any place as long as you can find enough direct sunlight.

• It cuts down the electricity expenditures, giving free energy to your residence for a long time.

• DIY panel systems can be created with quite high quality solar cells that you can get online at affordable prices.

• You can gain tax credits for making use of eco-friendly energy

• It can raise the worth of your house.

• A homemade Do-it-yourself solar system requires only very fundamental expertise. It is normally a very fun and a pleasant activity as the endeavors show in the form of minimal energy bills.

• It can guard you against the rising energy prices.

• DIY solar power systems provide you with the pleasure of doing something in your amplitude to save the environment from fossil fuels and global warming. Leading you to autonomous and very well prepared in case of power shortages