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5 Reasons Why a Solar Power System Is Crucial for a California Homeowner

5 Reasons Why a Solar Power System Is Crucial for a California Homeowner

Home solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular with California residents recently. There are many reasons why getting residential solar power makes sense, especially for people who live in California.

California Climate

Although California is known as the Golden State because of its association with the discovery of gold in 1848, it could apply equally as well to how much sunshine the state gets. California solar energy companies are making use of an extremely plentiful natural resource – sunshine. California averages between 180 to 290 sunny days per year. California solar energy just makes sense because of the climate and weather patterns of the region.

Bill Reduction

Another reason why having a solar power system is crucial for California homeowners is to help reduce monthly energy costs. With the recession still in full swing, having a solar power system to help reduce your energy expense could make a huge financial difference with month to month budgeting. California solar energy companies have extensively researched the power savings possible by purchasing a solar power system for the home. They have found that the cost of the system is usually completely recouped in the fifth year of operating a home on solar power energy.

Protection against Inflation

In addition to reducing monthly bill costs, solar energy systems can also help to protect homeowners from the annual inflation of energy costs in the future. Once the solar energy systems initial investment has been recovered in savings, the money you no longer pay for electricity piles up in your bank account. Each year that passes increases the cumulative savings created by your home solar power system. Over time, utility costs will rise ever higher as traditional methods of acquiring power get more expensive. Having a solar energy system installed on a home will protect homeowners from the effects of inflation over time.

Eco-Friendly Living

The world is definitely starting to show the effects of the population living lives of consumption. Because of this, many people have chosen to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Installing a residential solar power system is a great way to cut back on a homeowner’s environmental impact. Instead of using the planet’s natural resources such as coal or oil for power, a home solar power system uses the unlimited power of the sun. This source of power is also completely pollution free and offers homeowners the chance to live completely off the grid as they learn to be self-sufficient in their homes. Traditional sources of power are limited and will one day be extremely expensive or entirely unavailable.

Tax Credits

Another reason why California homeowners may choose solar power systems is because of the government’s tax incentives. Green technology such as solar is being encouraged by the government to help cut down on pollution levels as well as to help increase California’s supply of power. California solar energy systems installed will benefit homeowners with tax credits which can help to offset the initial costs of installing the system. In some cases, any additional power that is collected with solar panels can also be sold back to power companies which can help to offset the initial investment even further.

Green living is a very strong trend right now that is likely to grow even more as people awaken to the damage being done to the planet. Solar energy can help to prevent any further damage being done and offers homeowners a range of additional financial benefits as well.