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Caring For Your Solar Panels

Caring For Your Solar Panels

If you spend the money to get solar panels, you need to make sure you are caring for them properly. The right care will keep them working properly and in good shape for many years. There is usually no reason good panels shouldn’t last for a decade or two and work great the whole time.

Make sure you keep any information that comes with your solar panels. Any booklets or brochures that have care information should be kept for future reference. This way if there are specific products or methods that need to be used on your panels, you will always have that information at your fingertips.

Probably the most important part of caring for your solar panels is ensuring that they stay clean. When you are installing them, make sure they are set at an angle so that things will be more likely to slide off them. Then check them regularly if you can. If it is safe, sweep leaves and snow off them so they can continue to work. Also, wipe off the glass sometimes to keep dirt and water-spots from reducing their effectiveness.

Check your panels at least once a year to make sure they are still safe. Make sure they are bolted down properly and that no other screws are coming loose. If anything is shaky figure out how to fix it right away before it can pose a hazard to anyone. Also make sure the cover isn’t cracked. Whether it is glass or plastic, if it has cracks, it can shatter and seriously injure someone.

Think of taking care of your solar panels as protecting an investment. These items aren’t cheap, and you are buying them to improve your life. It only makes sense to take a little time to make sure they are doing the best job that they can.