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Homemade Energy – Making Money From Building Solar Panels

Homemade Energy – Making Money From Building Solar Panels

Home made energy is not science fiction or something that some geek has managed to produce in his backyard. It’s a fact that thousands of homes are using home made energy to reduce their carbon footprint and their electricity bills.

Why aren’t more people doing it?

The main reason that it doesn’t get the media attention that it should get is that the only people who really benefit from homemade energy are those people who are using it. With no incentive from large companies to promote it, it has to be promoted by word of mouth and with the access to information that the internet offers, this is now becoming more commonplace.

The most popular methods of generating your own electricity is through solar panels and wind turbines. Panels are a little more complicated to build, but not difficult. If you can solder stain glass windows, which even my kids can do, then you can build a solar energy panel.

The best part of building your own energy devices is that they cost so little to build. With a small investment of $250, we had our first solar panel built and installed. We then did some research online to find cheaper components and were able to build a second solar panel for just $150.

Building Panels for Other People

After just building two panels, we were asked by a family member to build some for them. After that we built some for the next door neighbours and within three months we had built nine panels for other people and had enough money to build an additional six panels for ourselves.

Our word of mouth business may be small, but in times of economic difficulty, people want to save money and having something that people want is a great way to ensure a small, but lucrative business.