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Perpetual Motion Machines

Global warming is a serious issue not only here in the United States of America but all around the world. With the invention of many high tech devices and many automobile we cannot deny the fact that we can already feel the global warming. The temperature is rising and it can affect everything on this earth. And studies have been conducted to know the reasons behind global warming and it has been found out that the fossil fuel being used to give power to the technology we are using daily emits high level of carbon dioxide that reaches the atmosphere and causing greenhouse effect. Thanks to the invention of alternative energy sources that help people save money and prevent further damage of the environment. Energy alternatives like solar power, wind power and a magnetic generator are good for homeowners’ pockets and also for the earth. But which of these alternative energy sources is the best? Let’s find out.

How does solar energy work? Solar panels collect solar rays from the sun and actively change that energy to electricity. The great thing about solar energy is that it is free and abundant. While solar has many advantages, such a powerful and fail-proof source of energy also has numerous downsides.

Cost – Solar panels can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. It is said that a solar panel will pay for itself in about 20 years.

Weather dependent – Solar panels can only collect energy when the sky is sunny. Most solar panels won’t function very well with a high and hazy overcast weather. Aside from depending on the weather to make solar panels work your roof has to be free from obstruction like trees inorder to receive sun exposure.

What are the disadvantages of wind power? Over the years there has been many machines designed to convert the energy carried in the wind to usable electricity. This type of renewable energy has many disadvantages over its advantages.

Expense – The cost of initial setup for a wind power is too high for many middle-class families to be able to afford.

Noise Pollution – many people do not like wind turbines as they say they are too noisy.

Wind dependent – The turbines blades can be damaged during high winds when it is stopped and abruptly furled. And when wind velocities are too low they cannot generate power either.

Another alternative energy is the magnetic generator. There are many reasons why a magnetic generator is a good energy source:

Size – Solar panel systems take up a lot of space on your property. However a magnetic generator is contained in a compact housing that can even be stored in a cupboard or closet if not in use.

Convenient – A magnetic generator does not dependent on the solar heat or wind velocity, it can function on any present weather.

Low-cost – And another fabulous fact about magnetic generator is that it is the cheapest alternative energy in the market.

Low maintenance – using a perpetual generator is good for the pocket. You do not have to worry about the cost of its maintenance because it is durable and will probably last a lifetime.