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Renewable Resources – Think Wind Power

Renewable Resources – Think Wind Power

It’s not always easy to change the way you think. Many of us have grown up using petroleum products in one way or another for virtually all of our energy needs. Now we are coming to the realization that we can’t continue on this path without serious consequences.

That’s not bad news, though; there are plenty of renewable resources we can use instead. We just have to change our way of thinking. Not all of them are quite as efficient at generating power as they will be some day, but they are still viable for use now and they will only get better as the technology advances.

Using solar energy by adding solar panels to your roof is one of the renewable energy sources available today. The technology still has a long way to go, but the average homeowner can expect to save decent money with a few solar panels.

It won’t be enough to provide all your electricity needs, though someday it will be, but it is enough to make the small investment in solar panels worthwhile.

Small, home wind turbines are the same thing. They can produce about 60% of the electricity your home needs and that number is surely to go up as technology improves.

Another way to make these investments in alternative energy sources even more appealing is to build your own wind turbine. You can save thousands of dollars if you build it yourself, but you won’t lose any of the electricity generation capacities. Anyone can build their own turbine you don’t have to be an engineer and it will only cost about $200.

Take control today, save money on your utility bills and help out the environment at the same time. There are plenty of renewable resources available and I’ve just shown you two.