Solar Panel


Installing a Solar Power System

Installing a Solar Power System

In time of crisis like these you can accomplish two things at once, save money for yourself and save power for the rest of the world… You can choose an alternative solution and make the right thing for the environment and the future generations.

The two most popular alternate power systems are solar panels and windmills, but they are subjected to the place you are living in. The solar power system is effective if you live in zones with abundant sun light, while the wind power system is more difficult to install, because you need not only a windy zone, but a wind speed of at least 11 miles per hour.

Many people use the solar power only for some of their energy needs, like hot water or lighting, however a complete solar system is made of the following elements:

The Solar Cooker Component: This is the most popular solar power device you can find today in many homes. Here are the main benefits of this alternative energy system:

Health Advantage: If you cook your food with a solar cooker is very healthy. Solar cooking is a delightful alternative to conventional cooking methods.

Variety Advantage: You can boil, roast, and bake using the same system!

Saving Fuel Advantage: In areas where sunshine is plentiful and conventional fuels are expensive, the solar cooker is an ideal substitute to a regular stove.

No emissions Advantage: with this method of cooking you avoid to emit any gas and to leave any residue. This is a cooking system that is really environment friendly.

The Solar Lighting Component: Stop and consider for a moment how much money would you save if you could runs all your electrical appliances using the solar energy. A solar generator will convert the solar energy into electric power through using photovoltaic cells. More electrical energy will be stored in cells and you will use it later, saving so much more money.

The Solar Heating Component: if you want to have a system that allows you to have the temperature you like, this is the way to go. A solar thermal system can make this without make your electricity bill soar. You won’t have to worry about bills anymore. Nowadays you can build heating system very effective in term of cost/benefits and with a nice looking too.