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Use Your Laptop Where the Sun Shines

Use Your Laptop Where the Sun Shines

There is no doubt in saying that computers have been making our works a lot easier than before they were invented because it is too easy to work with and it is really conducive. However, the working life of a battery pack is really short and could not keep up with your working time. It can be dead in the middle of your activity and lose your unsaved files. Most of the computer users have surely encountered such problem working with this gadget. It really pisses you off especially when there is no plug or source of energy where you can recharge it, right? So, to resolve that issue, why don’t you start utilizing the solar energy which is available everywhere where the sun comes out and shine your day?

Believe it or not, with the use of solar power you can now recharge your battery packs even when you are outside and have nothing to plug your laptop but the sunlight. The question now is how will you be able to do it?

Of course, you need to buy a solar panel that produces power enough for the need of your laptop. For small computers, use forty five to sixty watts power but if you are using a gaming computer laptop then you will probably need up to ninety watts.

To identify the amount of power needed for your laptop, check on the power adapter. If the list does not include the watts then multiply volts and amps. Buy the solar panel that is rated more than 20 percent of what you need.

Aside from the panel, you will also need to buy a solar charge controller to help keep the panels from putting too little or too much energy into your battery and to keep your laptop working until night time or in cloudy times.

You will also need a type of battery that can work well like those in cars and boats; it should be 12-volt battery. But if you can’t find one of these kinds, you can start with a small battery intended for garden use for the meantime.

In addition to that, you will also need to purchase an inverter AC-to-DC to have a standard wall socket where you can plug your laptop into.

Get your charge controller connected to the solar provided that the male and female plugs are combined on each of them.

Connect the battery to the charge controller then the inverter using the battery clips and finally turn the inverter on and plug the computer cord to the outlet. Now, turn on your computer.