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Homemade Solar Panels – 6 Important Steps

Homemade Solar Panels – 6 Important Steps

The volatile nature of world politics and the swiftly demising world oil reserves means that sooner or later we are all going to have to consider alternative energy sources. The increasing cost of fossil fuels means that the cost per unit to you of the electricity provided to you by your electricity provider is rapidly increasing year on year, so now is a time to look at the alternatives. For example, it has become more and more economical to build homemade solar energy system. Building the homemade solar panels that utilize deep cell storage batteries produce the electricity upon consumer demand and reduce their individual dependence on the country’s energy grid.

There are many online guides and video tutorials available online and by using them to make your own system it is possible to economically build your own system that can produce 80% or more of your energy requirements. You can start for between $150 and $200 by following the most popular and best informed guide by Earth4Energy which is instantly available when you download it, so you can make an immediate start.

These sites are available for a one time investment which includes constant updates to manuals and videos with no extra costs involved.

A good guide will give you the following instructions and features

1) Easily understood full and detailed manuals and video series that show you step by step instructions that can be read and viewed, so no previous experience and only basic practical skills are needed to build your first solar panel.

2) A component list and details of how and where to purchase the materials needed to make your own solar panels, many of these will be available locally.

3) The guides should also give you access to information and electric wiring plans for the whole system you need to know some technical stuff here, that why it is important that have a good kit before you start.

4) The kit should enable you to calculate your power requirements and thus how many panels you will need and the size of the battery bank you will need to get completely off the grid and produce 100% of your energy needs.

5) Having shown you how to make and test the homemade solar panels, a good guide will also show you how and where to mount the panels for maximum safety and efficiency.

6) Solar Tax Credits and Rebates are available to you make sure the guide you choose gives you instant access to all the forms. The rebates will go some way to pay for system so make sure they give you the proper advice.

Take some time and study the guides available online to make sure that they have everything on the list for you to start and make homemade solar panels