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Roof Damaged By Solar Panels?

Roof Damaged By Solar Panels?

The best choice to reduce this so-called global warming as well as your carbon footprint on this environment, which keeps us healthy, would be to opt for solar panels. Solar panels not only reduce these things and make the environment we live in better, but also, it is a great way to trim down those energy costs. This advantage of these panels has let many companies and manufacturers in to developing various and innovative kind of technologies, with which homeowners are taking advantage and are making the environment greener.

But when they opt for panels, there is one question always hanging on their heads: if we opt for solar panels to heat our home, it wouldn’t do us good if the roof fell in would it?” This question that the significant weight of the panel increases the chance of damaging your roof, since roof is the place where the panels could catch the best and uninterrupted solar energy, is popping up in everyone’s minds. However, it’s a baseless question. If you have heard someone’s roof being damaged due to the panels, it is possibly because their roof was already damaged even before they installed the panels onto it.

The manufacturing companies take special care when installing the panels at your home and evenly divide the weight of the panels on the roof, so that no place is bearing more weight than it should. Different roofs are made in different ways, but most of the roofs can handle 8-10/sq. foot as it is. Also, with the increase of innovations in this field, companies are moving towards making lighter and sleeker panels so that they are easy to carry. But since this has just started, such panels would be more expensive. So, if you think your roof is withered, replace it or fix it before installing solar panels.