Solar Powered Panels – Who Is Making the Switch?

Solar Powered Panels – Who Is Making the Switch?

The recent topic of discussion among people looking to be more environmentally friendly is that of renewable energy. Sources like wind, water and sunlight are all being used in areas around the world to limit our dependence on fossil fuels, which damage the atmosphere and environment as a whole. Wind and water sources are great on a large scale but not very practical for most residential applications. Sunlight on the other hand is perfect for home use, and solar powered panels are being implemented by more and more people who want to both help the environment and cut down their energy costs.

People are deciding to make the switch to solar energy for numerous reasons. For some people, it is the only option for them to have power because they live outside the utility grid. Solar powered panels are perfect for delivering clean, renewable energy to homes such as these. Anyone with a residence or vacation home in a remote area might otherwise have to use dirty, loud generators or simply do without power.

The group of people who count on solar energy because it is the only option is a small percentage of the people who utilize solar powered panels on their homes. Most simply get with the program because they want to lessen their utility bill every month. This is a valid reason, but the personal benefits go beyond lowering your monthly gas and electric bills. When you purchase solar panels and utilize their output for most if not all of your home’s daily energy needs, the state and federal governments give back to you for your energy consciousness. Tax credits are a great incentive to go green. Also, if you are conservative enough in your electrical use and have enough solar panels, you will be able to generate more power than you need. This gives you the opportunity to sell back to the grid and make a profit from your investment!

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There is not one single generic way to use solar powered panels on your home. Some can be hooked up to batteries and allow you to store excess energy for nighttime, cloudy days and power outages. Some are off-grid while others are grid-tied, the latter being the best choice if you have never used solar panels before. Since there is such a variety, shopping around and doing plenty of research is a good idea before you settle for one model or seller over another.