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Sunforce 39810 active solar energy Panel Review – Is it Worth Your Money?

It is a great feeling having your own house. There is a sense of achievement and security when you are living in your own home. A house provides you shelter, but it is expensive to maintain.
If you are a home owner, you will know one of the highest monthly expense would be the electricity bill. Since all of our electronic gadgets run on electricity, the amount of money you pay the power utility company will only get higher and higher.
Due to rising energy cost, many people are installing a home active solar energy power system to reduce their energy consumption. Some people are outsourcing the whole project to a professional solar contractor, while others would prefer a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach just to save some cost.

Residential solar power system

If you are planning a DIY residential solar power system, one of the key components you will need is the Photovoltaic (PV) panel. One of the most popular active solar energy panels available on is the Sunforce 39810. Is it worth your investment? This article will provide a quick review on the unit.
The Sunforce 39810 is rated to produce 80 watt at 4.567 amps of Direct Current (DC) on a clear sunny day. It is made from high efficiency polycrystalline material. So far, polycrystalline has been proven to be the ideal material in the making on high grade active solar energy panels.
The size of the panel is pretty standard compared to other panels available in the market. It measures 51 x 26 x 4 inches and weighs approximately 28 pounds. This criteria is important because carrying a heavy and oversized panel to the top of your roof on your own would be a huge challenge.
The Sunforce 39810 comes with a standard 25 years manufacturing warranty. I would prefer to see a 35 year warranty though, nonetheless, most PV panels do not fail and can last a very long time.
The Sunforce solar panel is an individual kit. If you are planning to buy the unit, make sure you set aside some money to purchase a charge controller, deep cycle batteries and power inverter. These are all the components you will need to setup your home 24v solar panel power system.
As a standalone, Sunforce 39810 is selling at $435.29 with free Super Saver Shipping from . If you are planning to purchase the other key solar components as well, your total budget will be approximately $900.
All in all, the 39810 PV panel is a high grade, high efficiency and light weight unit. It is one of the top range solar panels in the market.