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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Learn How to Make Your Own Solar Panels

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Learn How to Make Your Own Solar Panels

Learn how to make your own solar panels and you will spend only a fraction of the retail cost of buying them! You will be protecting your environment because you will be reducing your carbon footprint and you will also be saving on energy bills.

Learn how to make a solar panel with an easy-to-follow guide that comes with pictures and diagrams. You can also build a DIY solar water heater!

Building your own solar energy system involves a small investment but promises big returns! Do you know that they can retail at thousands of dollars? In fact, the average system can cost $27,000 to buy and professionally installed!

You can easily recoup the costs of converting your home to a cleaner energy source from the savings you will make on your energy bills. Even those that spend the money on pre-fabricated solar panel kits and their installation will tell you the energy savings helps them recoup their costs, within a few years. But you will save more and recoup the costs quicker if you make your own panels.

If your local utility will allow you to sell your excess energy back to “the grid” with reverse-metering, you will cut your utility bills into a negligible expense. There could be energy rebates available from your local utility and there might be some tax breaks for you to consider. Most especially, you will enjoy the benefit of controlling your monthly utility costs, which are on the rise.

The environmental impact is the main consideration for many people, but you’ll find that your solar panel system, when properly built and implemented, can add to the resale value of your home. There are a number of financial benefits to consider, obviously.

Whether you build one panel or build an entire array of solar panels, you will be surprised at how simple it can be. You do not have to be a handyman or technically minded. Complete beginners and even a 12-year old can easily follow the step-by-step guide.

Many people are getting intimidated thinking that building your own source of solar power is a complicated task, but there are thousands who are making their own with success.

You can make a 60 to 120 watt solar panels for less than $200. Collect and connect recycled solar cells and they will cost you even a lot less!

Build your own solar panels – it’s easy and affordable, and you GO GREEN!