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Time to Revisit Solar Power and Discover the New Innovative Designs

Time to Revisit Solar Power and Discover the New Innovative Designs

Solar power has just come of age and everyone needs to take another look. The history of solar power is much longer than many people would expect. The solar cell, or photovoltaic cell, was created in the 1880s by Charles Fritts. However, we had to wait another fifty years for the next step taken by a German, Dr Buno Lange. Development progressed further in the 1940s by Russel Ohl and then in 1954 this work all culminated in a development that lead to where we are today. In 1954 Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin created the first silicon solar cell. This cell created up to 6 times the electricity of Dr Langes cell back in 1931.

So why should we look to solar power now? Solar power was originally inefficient, and then it was expensive, now we live in a time when, in certain fields, it is priced competitively.

Living in a house with a solar array may still be out of the price range of many people, but if you have outside space then you probably use out side lights. This is a perfect place to start when considering solar power. You don’t have to take anything down or change current wiring, there are amazing, free-standing, portable solar lantern available at very reasonable prices. These lanterns are not only a great way to light your meals, but they can also be taken camping or hung around your porch for holiday and parties. They are much more versatile than the traditional electric lanterns as there are no cables and you don’t have to worry about the batteries needing changing.

This is why solar energy has come of age, it grown to a point that it is the better designed, cheaper and more efficient option.

The design ideas and developments are not limited to lanterns, there are very few people in the developed world who don’t have a cell phone. The whole point of these phones is to be contactable at all times, but as the phones have got more complicated and demanded more of their batteries, the batteries have to be charged more often With a solar charging cell cover you can charge your phone while you are out and about, try doing that with a cable and traditional electricity source!

For the first time in the history of solar power it can offer us something which is useful, environmentally friendly and financially viable. Now solar power just needs to over come its reputation of being over priced and impractical.